Nightwing and Joker

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I looked down at Robin and felt joy wash over me. He was back, for good? I don't know but I was excited. I had't seen him since our fight a year ago. Robin is Nightwing, a hero just like me. No powers but he could put up a hell of a fight. I loved him and I loved him something fierce.

"Who's that?" Robin asked with that velvet voice. I looked over at Clark who looked damn uncomfortable. I rubbed the back of my neck and gave him what I hoped pass for a smile. 

"Clark this is my ex-boyfriend Robin, Robin-"

"Is this your new boyfriend?" he asked with possessiveness in his voice.

"No," we both urged at the same time. 

"We just kissed once," Clark said. I turned my head to look at him like he was crazy and he just rolled his eyes and looked at Robin. "It was actually a couple minutes ago, you wouldn't believe how hot it was." 

Was- was Clark being possessive of me? I couldn't help the smile that slid across my face. If only he knew who Robin really was. He would flip shit and beg for forgiveness.

Robin looked at Clark with distaste and then looked at me. "Make him leave."

"Robin, please." 

"Make him leave. Now." 

"No need, I was just leaving," Clark walked away. I shook my head at Robin and ran after him. I got to him just as he got to the door and slammed my body against his, causing him to slam into the door. He pushed me off and went for the handle but I grabbed his hand and pinned it over his head. I saw the look of anger in his eyes and sudden;y got an aching feeling. It was like I knew him, but how?

"Let go, Mr. Wayne."

"So we are back to formality, Mr. Kent?"

"Your boy toy needs to so-"

"How can you possibly be jealous of Ni- Robin? He's harmless.

"He is in love with you and you are obviously in love with him as well or else you would not have let him jump in your arms and make-out with you." I nuzzled my face into his neck and kissed it.

"I love him because he was my first boyfriend. I'm sorry I did that. I shouldn't have after I just got done with you." I kissed his nose, making me feel like the man. "Please, don't be mad."

"I am not gay! You go back to Robin and let him have you, because I am done!"

"That didn't even last an hour!"

"Well you should learn self control." When he said that something clicked, but I still couldn't place it. Why was Clark so familiar? Why did I feel this attraction to him on such an extreme scale? 

"I- I'm sorry, Clark."

"Get off. I will call you if I need help, but I don't want you to touch me ever again. Do you understand me?" I felt my heart break in half and then heard as the pieces fell and smashed into tiny pieces. I gazed into his green eyes and found loathing. He loathed me. I should have known he would never except me. That's why I never told anyone. That is why I never told even my most trusted superhero brethren. I was a disgrace and Clark made me feel normal for once, but now it was gone and I was back to self hate. 

"I will grant these wishes, Mr. Kent." Clark eyes got wide and then he kissed my lips softly once. 

"You deserve a good-bye kiss." He kissed me once and then opened the door. I watched his winkled white shirt disappear into a beaten down truck and then he sped off with only a cloud of dust behind him. I stared out until I felt arms wrap around my hard stomach. 

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