2. Wait, what?!

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    It started out as a normal day, sun shining, birds singing. A cliche opening to an anime. However, that's not what fate had in store for me...
I went over to a muggle, sorry,  mortal, book store when I found this book that had Percy's name on it. Apparently, it was written by this guy named Rick Riordan. Maybe it was just a coincidence?
I read a couple of chapters in the first book and was shocked. It had his whole life story! In fact there was a whole series! I picked a few and checked them out and went back to Camp Half Blood. No one would believe this!
    As soon as I got there, I knocked rapidly on Percy's door/cabin and shoved the book into his hands. "No questions, just read it. Trust me, it'll be interesting." I said to him. He just gave me a strange look but nodded. Next, I knocked on Nico's cabin and said "Nico, come out!! It's important." Reluctantly, he came out and questioned me as to why I asked him emerge from the depths of his cabin. I grabbed his arm and started dragging him to under a tree where I shoved the book into his arms and demanded that he read it with me. "Please..?", I begged. Then I hit him with my best puppy eyes. "Oh fine! Let's just get this over with.." he responded. Nico and I were pretty great friends, if not, best friends. I know it sounds a bit strange considering everyone thinks he's Mr. Grumpy and "Son of Death", but we surprisingly get along really well, even if my personality is very different from his. We just understand each other. He's not all gloom, as most people think.
    We proceeded to read a few books under the branches of the tree and we were definitely surprised to find out how descriptive, accurate, and detailed these books were. There were even things mentioned that only Percy himself could know! I don't know how this person found out about us, but it's kind of cool and weird at the same time. It then came to a part where it had a moment with Nico and I. (I know he was probably in others but just pretend, OK?) "Wait, what?!" I yelled. Nico just shrugged, so we continued reading. After a few more chapters it came to part where ummm.. Let me just show you.

We stared at each other, lips only millimeters apart. My breath hitched in my throat as Nico and I slowly leaned in, eventually closing the gap between us. The kiss felt like fireworks! Unfortunately, we had to pull apart from a necessary thing even us demigods need called oxygen.

This was literally my face now
⌒(=๏ x ๏=)⌒

That was... unexpected. Yikes, cue extremely awkward moment.
"Umm.. Heh" was all we both said. What in the gods name did we just read? Suddenly, Nico took a deep breath in and said what I never expected to hear....

"I don't love you... I'm sorry with whatever that book said about us, but I think it'd be best to just stay friends."

HAHAHA JOKING, JOKING (plz dont kill meh)

"I may as well confess now, I-I've had a crush on you for a while, (Y/N), and it's totally okay if you don't like me back but I thi-" I then shut him up with a kiss, described exactly how the book did. Whoever wrote these things, thanks a lot! Though I still am weirded out... After we pulled apart, I was blushing like a sunbathing tomato. "That's probably enough for today. Or maybe ever." I said. Nico chuckled and nodded his head. "That's a good idea." I returned to Percy's cabin to retrieve the books I lent him and made my way back to the bookstore. Returning the books, I gave out a light laugh. Sure didn't expect anything like that to happen today...

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