The Second Time is the First Time

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"Alfred!" I yelled. The morning light was pouring into my room after I specifically asked him to let me sleep in. I threw the covers over my head, acting as though I was a child not a billionaire that had a life I needed to attend. I heard the door open and the saw Alfred walking in with his head full of white hair and his green eyes sparkling with the same happiness they always did. They had a hint of worry, but that was what made Alfred. Happiness and worry. 

"Yes, master?" he said in his thick British accent.

"Why are my curtains open?" I asked with my head still under the covers.

"Sorry master Bruce, but you have a party to attend this morning." 

"No more parties, Alfred." 

"You have to attend." He pulled the covers off and gave me that look. The look that said get-you're-ass-out-of-the-bed-now-or-I-will-get-the-bucket. His wrinkly face held much annoyance and I huffed and threw the covers over. 

"What party is this?" I asked as I walked to my giant closet. The shelves slid out and showed my clothes, accessories, and shoes. I walked to the black suit and pulled it out. 

"This is to meet with a few people. Donation to the orphanage. Things like that master. You have been so busy with your new costume and Peter that you have not made any appearances. I am sorry but this is necessary, master." 

I groaned and slid my clothes on quickly, How I hated this fake life. 


The cameras were flashing before my gun metal Lamborghini had even met the carpet. The girl beside me was drowning me with her perfume. She was smacking her lips together making me want to throw her out of the car, but I needed her to pull off the cocky, straight, billionaire that was extremely obnoxious. The blonde was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her skin a little too tightly and you could tell she had stuffed her bra because little lumps in her bra. 

"Brucey, when are we getting out?" she purred. I cringed but still managed to plant that big ass smile on my face. I opened my doors and watched it slide up. She did the same and the came as started to snap double-time. 

"Bruce! Bruce!" they all yelled. The girl slung herself on me, smiling and waving at the flashy lights and the assholes yelling. I smiled and waved, even winked when needed as Rosa tripped over her leather pumps. We entered with everyone still yelling for me to smile and give them a few words. 

"Rosa, go enjoy yourself. I need to handle some business, my love." She kissed my lips and strutted off with a dress that practically showed her fake ass. I hated escorts, but they improved my asshole persona. Especially if they were drunk off their asses. I sighed and walked into the room where golden chandeliers hung from painted ceilings. Angels dancing with harps in their hands. There were giant ice sculptures and people in fancy, expensive clothes. 

"Hey, Bruce," Counselor Benjamin said. I smiled and stoke up a conversation with him, acting like I knew exactly what he was saying and laughing at his corny jokes. He was a nice enough man but he was more worried about the money in his pocket than the money we use to fix our town. Our orphanage. I know what it's like to be in that situation. I know and I care. 

I managed to escape his weird bantering and cross the room. My eyes landed on a man in the corner and my heart stopped. His brown hair was gelled back into a sexy casual look. He had thick, black glasses to cover his sparkling green eyes and his lips were like a god's: so plump and delicious.He looked slightly familiar but then again. I think I would have remembered a face like that. I fixed my tie and casually walked over to him.

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