The Exit

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Canada: Look at that which surrounds me, I'm supposed to call this home. The dark has become so overwhelming... So why don't I just go...?

France and England: Why can't you just be more like your brother?

England: Together you would rule the throne

France: Evil and darkness would grow, This kingdom needs you!

Canada: "Why can't you just be more like Alfred?" they always ask; Could this feeling deep in me be the prophecy? As a child I heard such wonderful stories of lamps, and the oracle, and holy the sea

England and France: Silly boy, you speak of fiction!

China: Silly boy, you can't just leave them.

Germany: Reaching for some fairy tale ending!

France and England: Myth or legend!

Canada: Oh, what's the use maybe they're right... What's the point of dreaming if it can never materialize?

Canada: Townsfolk are ashamed; Why can't I live up to my family name? Well it's not me, but you see it's just my pedigree.

France and England: You're a reckless and romantic rogue!

China: Your head is in the clouds!

Spain: You'll be chained here all your life; Shackled to the ground!

France: You're not the chosen one-

Canada: Don't you ever dream of some place better; or a life that's greater... Don't you ever feel like you've been destined, for something bigger than your skin?

America: You are so foolish. The dark has been your home! If you elope, I'll hunt you down. Through suffering you'll atone.

Canada: Dear Alfred, you're my brother. You loved and watched over me, But there's something bigger at stake! My purpose is this journey

America: Brother, you are shortsighted. Naive and starry-eyed! You are not the chosen one! This will be your demise!

Canada: Brother, I can't help this feeling! My heart tells me to run. You were meant to rule the dark; I was meant to see the sun!

Canada: Don't you ever dream of some place better! When the light shines brighter? Don't you ever feel like you've been destined, for something bigger than your skin?

Canada: I think I'll just go...

"Mathew, tired of fiction and bound by his ambition. Left his home for the city of light. Disguised as a citizen his identity was hidden. Within in a city that sat glistening he was eager for his new life. He contemplated and hated.

Canada: Why had he waited for so long? To flee his home forever shaded, where the jaded are never wrong?

Canada: He took a deep breath; He was finally gone. His hope was left strong
That a meaning would be found. That had kept him withdrawn. His stare had caught a light, And he fell for the sight. Her name was Princess Katyusha.

She suffered from the same strife

And like Mathew, she spent most of her time... Dreaming of a different life."

Ukraine: Don't you ever feel like you've been destined... For something bigger than your skin?

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