First, thank you for stumbling across my book, you rock!  

Second, before reading this I would like to warn you that when I wrote this I was only around 13/14 (I think), so this book needs major editing. 

 I've read a lot of comments that have said that I didn't grasp the concept on what a possessive male is like.  That I will agree with.  My younger self didn't know exactly so I made it up of what a 14 year old thought possessive males were like.  

Please proceed with caution, the grammar stinks, and the characters could use a little tlc.  

Someday I will rewrite and fix all the mistakes in this novel.  Until then you can read my latest book, Ms. Popular & Mr. Nerd which has less grammatical issues.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my book, it might not be perfect, but I'm proud of my younger self for taking the time to write something!  I hope you enjoy Zara, Justin, and Jazz as they take on obstacles.

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