Part 26 A New Game

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FREDDY OPENED HIS EYES AND VIOLENTLY GASPED FOR AIR. He was back in the cave. What the fuck is going on?

Trina sat to the side smoking a cigarette watching intently. "How you feeling now Fred?"

"Worse," he said with furrowed brows.

"In your case, I'd say that's a good thing. But your ribs aren't broken anymore are they?"

Freddy sat up and poked at his ribs. "No," he said surprised. "What did you do to me?"

"Don't get too excited. You're basically back to what you were before and here take this." Trina handed Freddy a sliver of selenite. "Carry this with you everywhere. It's a little power from the caves. That's all I can do for now."

Freddy stood and wiped the debris from his arms ignoring Trina's request to take the selenite. He walked over to the dead blonde, turned her head to the side and studied the marks behind her ear. "Brenda has those. I've seen them."

"I know son. I know. And things are about to get real bad, real fast and I need you to focus."

Freddy nodded and respectfully covered the Blonde's head with what was left of her torn blouse. "What are you, Trina? Because I know you're not human."

Trina chuckled. "I'm just the opposite, I guess you could say. There is a much bigger backstory happening and Brenda is a now a main player."

"I'm listening," Freddy said. "You have my full attention."

"Good. That's real good, now, forget everything you think you know about anything because what I'm about to tell you is beyond human comprehension." Trina grabbed the glass filled candle, held it up to her face and stared into the flame. Images of a young Modeus played like a hologram above the rim.

Intrigued, Freddy sat in front of her.

"Modeus was once a half-human, half-angel set up for great things. Things the likes my kind or your kind has never seen. His father, Tobias, a great God from the Upper Plains and a mere mortal, Noel, fell in love, fornicated and had young Modeus. Modeus was considered a superior being. Tobias loved Modeus dearly and allowed him to live in the Upper Plains when he was still a toddler, which caused quite a stir amongst the others."

"You from the Upper Plains Trina?"

"I am."

"Were you a God?"

"No," Trina said. "I was an angel with wings that reached out to the sun." Trina put the candle down, spread her arms out and paused for a moment. She awkwardly looked over at Freddy and dropped her arms. "Anyway, Tobias made Modeus a powerful warrior who slew demons for all the Gods in the Upper Plains as well as some of their pet people on earth-Debts if you will. So happens his momma got mixed up with a few demons and that didn't make Tobias too happy, so he sent Modeus to protect her. That sword etched on his chest is real and kept hidden. He has slain many evil beings with that sword—creatures that were cunning and deceptive beyond anything your kind thinks it knows. And... he showed no mercy. It was exactly what his father wanted."

"He sounds like the perfect son."

Trina laughed. "He was for a while. Then, I think the human testosterone kicked in or something." She lit up another cigarette before taking her next breath into the story. "It's what he and Steve did that was so horrible and that story will change the further you get into this sordid tale, but they tortured demons and sometimes, those demons had humans attached to them, but the boys didn't care as long as the demons paid the bill."

Freddy grinned. "Let me guess, Mr. Golden boy was running a big game?"

Trina smiled ear to ear. "Takes one to know one, huh?" She winked. "He was in way over his head and liked the bad boy lifestyle way too much. His running mate, Steve, did too."

"Was Steve a God?" Freddy asked.

"He wishes and you're a bit slow... See when Gods fornicate with other Gods, they have angels. An angel only becomes a God when appointed by another God. Modeus was half angel, half human; quite the taint against the code, huh?" Trina cleared her throat. "What you need to know right now is that in the end, you will be face to face with both of them and you already got a taste of what Steve is about. He's a charmer like you."

"Sounds like a bad case of jealousy."

"Perhaps," Trina said calmly. "What you don't understand is where Modeus comes from... where I come from, you stand by a code; a code you just don't break. Revenge is coursing through their veins from many different directions making them all the more evil. You have no idea what stands before you."

"I'm not afraid. I'm all in," Freddy said, feeling more alive than he had in years.

"You should be. It involves your beloved Brenda."

"This is what I'm still not understanding. How?" he said, voice now void of all patience.

"Take care of an old score with daddy. A fate that no one wants." Taking a drag off her cigarette, she blew smoke into the air as more images of a young Modeus danced in the billowing cloud. "Modeus's Tomfoolery misguided him and costs Tobias the love of his life. He left his mother's side to take care of some business and one nasty demon in particular destroyed her and left her dead body for Modeus to find." Suddenly quiet, Trina turned away from Freddy. "Tobias took it pretty hard and sought revenge."

"Against Modeus?"

"Against everyone involved."

"Were you involved?"

Trina shrugged her shoulders. "I'm here ain't I?"

"How much skin you got in the game?" Freddy asked.

Clearly annoyed, Trina shook her head and turned back around to face Freddy. She wiped a tear nestled in the corner of her eye. "More than I ever cared to have, but we'll save that story for another day. There are layers to this and many angles to discover, which you will do over time. For now, however, I need you to be focused and I want you to understand that this shit is deep and the motivations are high. You putting your skin in the game to save your precious Brenda is permanent and nonreversible... understand?" Trina's voice became loud and stressed. "Once it's done it's done."

Freddy stood calmly and eerily quiet; his emotions clear. For the first time in years, he felt alive—alive with Brenda coursing through his veins. "I'll take that selenite now."

Trina smiled and handed the piece of selenite. "You will have to face everything and rise, my friend. Can you do that?"

Freddy looked down into Trina's eyes. "How did you all end up here?"

"Well, Tobias and his other God buddies gathered Modeus and his brothers into a secret meeting one night. Tobias said he knew Noel was dead because of Modeus's unsavory dealings on earth. He admonished him for not using the sword as Tobias had instructed and instead used it for his own self-gain, the true evil. 'If you want to be like evil than you shall look like evil.' Those were Tobias's last words to Modeus. Tobias raised his hands in the air and all of us fell a very long painful way to the earth."

"But none of you died."

"Tobias didn't want us dead. He wanted us cursed—condemned. He took our beautiful wings and instead gave us characteristics of the ugly demons—just to punish us."

"So, what's Brenda got to do with it?"

"She's the key to getting back to the Upper Plains; Modeus' ultimate revenge against his father. Modeus will turn her into a demon and piss Tobias off to the point he'll want Modeus to face more punishment. And that's what Modeus and Steve are waiting for. That's where Brenda fits in."

"What do you mean turn her into a demon?"

"He'll stick that sword deep into her heart. Her human self will wilt away and she'll become like him—condemned. Then daddy and all the rest of the Gods will have to deal with him."

"The sword can do that?"

"It has many powers."

Fidgeting with the selenite tightly gripped in his fingers he held it to his face. A vision of Modeus' sword entered his mind. "Can he be stopped?"

"I hope so for your sake Fred. If Modeus is on the mission I think he is, he's already working on his plan..." 

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