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So, hi.

I sent out a message yesterday, and received no response, but I have still managed to retain some sort of dignitiy that I now put at stake by posting this.

I want to try and write a oneshot that will be exactly that (my attempts so far haven't been all that impressive; I find it somewhat difficult to shorten stuff yet give it a sense of being complete. Hunted and Hanging by a Moment stand bear witness to this) - a one part story, but I don't really know what to do on my own.

So I ask you to make a request, give me prompts. I'll do my best to write some thing you'll love, and basically it's win-win. You're not losing anything, really, and I get to get better.

I have a few 'rules', per se.

1. It isn't necessary that you have to request a romance. It can be something else too.

2. I'd like details, please. Not an essay where you write the story out yourself, but not three words either.

3. I'm not going to write any romance (if that is what you ask for) between a teacher and a student. Just, no. Or anything where the age gap is HUGE.

4. Don't expect any scenes from me. You're not going to get a detailed make-out scene with info on where the hands, tongues, and whatnot go...which means anything further than that is definitely out of the question.

5. Send me the requests in my inbox. I'm going to lose it otherwise.

Five sound lousy, but hey, at least I'm not picky (haha, number 4 is probably going to be the thing that will make me wait for comments/requests on this for a long time till I give up in despair).

That's it, pretty much.


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