I let out a deep breath, pushing up the sleeves of my shirt to cool down.

“I’m going to have a little chat with him.” I spoke coldly.

Bo reached out to grab my hand.

“Harry, don’t.”

But I was already out of the car.

Bo’s POV

I scrabbled to remove my bag and chuck it on the backseat. The passenger door could still only be opened from the outside so I clambered over the middle console to the driver’s door. I glanced out the windscreen to see where Harry was. My eyes widened when he momentarily looked back. His arm rose as he clicked the automatic lock on the key.

I yanked at the handle but it wouldn’t budge. My mouth parted in disbelief. He’d locked me in.

“Harry!” I yelled through the glass.

But he ignored my protest, continuing to walk towards Dan, who looked a little bewildered. I was forced to sit and watch as Harry had his “little chat.” His back was towards me, which I knew was a deliberate move, that way I wouldn’t be able to see his face.

Harry was overreacting. Dan had been really sweet today at work. We had talked between serving customers, something I would do with most of the staff at the shop. It wasn’t anything special, we were just being friendly. But of course Harry blew things way out of proportion; his protective side looming over me once again.

I was still seated on the driver’s side when Harry approached the car. He clicked the button on the key, unlocking the door. As soon as it was open I stumbled out. My attitude was a little hostile towards him, refusing to meet his green gaze as I yanked the back door open to retrieve my bag. How dare he lock me in his car. What on earth was he thinking?

“Bo. Where the hell are you going?” Harry asked.

I attempted to walk away but my wrist became imprisoned in his large hand. He tugged me, backing me up against the side of his car. My fingers were still tightly wrapped round the strap of my bag.

“Let go.”

Harry’s voice was low and I knew he was trying to stay calm. I instantly released my bag, to hear it drop to the floor, my eyes trained solely on his face. His warm body was pressed to mine, preventing me from escape. My heart was pumping fast, breath coming out in short puffs. Both my wrists were now pinned to the metal of his car as he stared down at me. His orbs dark.

I nervously peered to the right to see Dan still stood, eyes wide as he observed our interaction. I had grown used to Harry’s domineering gestures, but goodness knows how others portrayed the possessive behaviour. I quickly turned back when I heard what almost sounded like a growl from the back of Harry’s throat. His jaw was tense, grip tightening.

“You’re mine.” He deeply confirmed.

His face relaxed a little, a smirk forming on his plump lips as he glanced over to Dan. His expression was almost goading before his focus averted back to me. I was surprised when his lips forcefully came down onto mine. His hot tongue prying into my mouth, exploring. My eyes were squeezed closed as he continued to use his strength, keeping me sandwiched between his body and the vehicle.

I think Harry was aware of my reluctance towards his forceful advances, my posture not as willing as he would have liked. It was then he decided to raise my hands up, my tips brushing his curls before he released his hold. My fingers were instantly wound into his hair, fisting at the soft ringlets. I tugged on them, hard. My intention was for him to recognise my objection to his overbearing dominance , knowing full well it was for the benefit of Dan, who I assumed was still watching on. Harry was claiming his territory over me. But instead of backing away as I hoped he would, the throaty moan he emitted took me by surprise. The vibrations running through my entirety as he cupped his large hands under my thighs. It was then I remembered Harry liked it when I was rough with him, my actions completely backfiring. My body was lifted up, Harry forcing me to wrap my legs round his waist.

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