Superman is Clark Kent

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Watching his obnoxious car pull out was something i was used to. The shiny black metal, making all of us people who fly kind of jealous. He had cool weapons but I had laser eyes and super strength. I should be rubbing it in his face not letting him get to me. 

I flew back to Smallville, my home, and landed on my farm that I had grown up in. The morning sun was out and shining. I ran into my room and quickly slipped out of my outfit. That damn thing was comfortable, but made me look gay. Completely gay. I hopped in the shower and then started to gte dressed as fast as I could, which we all know is damn fast. I gelled my hair back, put on my white button up and slacks, pulled on my shoes, and then slid my glasses on.

My life was so damn hectic now that they built that clubhouse place. Everyone expected me to be there and I never wanted to give their hopes up so I came. Seeing Batman was always a pain though. His dull voice, his dull eyes, his dull everything! He never showed emotion and it pissed me off. He was a human. He should show all of his feelings. He should not be able to get under my skin and make me feel inferior. 

I looked in the mirror at myself. Clark Kent. That was who I was. Green eyes that I covered with blue contacts when I was Superman. Being Clark was important to me. I had been him before Superman and I would never let myself get lost in all my powers. I gave a quick smile and then ran down the stairs and into the garage where my truck was parked. The old, beaten down, red Chevy was the love of my life. The crappy interior, the busted up door, the rusted plates, and the smell of pineapples. (I have no idea why)

I started Baby and drove her through the swaying wheat field. I sped through and enjoyed the feeling of the wind on my face. As I pulled up to Daily Planet, my job. I fixed my red tie and smiled as I thought of Lois. She was in there probably yelling at some poor guy to get work done. I hurried in and made it to the elevator just in time. 

I looked at the floor with exhaustion. Batman was such handful. Out of the heroes, he was the one that I worried would go off the deep end. Joker was a threat and he just let him run around freely. He had supposedly caught him once. but I never got proof so I wouldn't believe it. I wonder why he never tries to catch him? Maybe he knew he would be out of a job without Joker. He was, after all, the only villian in Gotham. Why Gotham anyways? What made it so special? The door rang again and I quickly exited to find Lois on top of her desk reaching for a file on the top shelf. 

I smiled and jogged over to her slider body on top of the desk. She was wearing a red skirt and a white blouse that set her eyes off. Her chesnut hair cascaded down her shoulders and the look of concentration on her face made her look even cuter. 

"Need help? I asked. She jumped and stumbled off the desk, falling right into my arms. Her face heated as she met my eyes. 

"Well, you look like you're already on it, Smallville." I chuckled and set her down. "Why were you in my office?"

"Thought you needed help."

"And of course I did. You jinxing me, Smallville?"

I smiled and looked into her green eyes that reminded me of Batman's. "Maybe." She rolled her eyes. I sat down on her desk and watched her close the door.

"I got a proposition for you, Smallville."

I raised an eyebrow. "Any other place, I would say yes, but here and now? I don't know." She slapped my shoulder and I laughed. She was one of the only people I laughed at anymore. Chloe was there and so was Oliver, or Green Arrow, but I still had a lot of stress that made it hard to smile.

"I was talking about a work proposition, Clark!"

I laughed at her shocked look. "Well, do share."

"You know about Batman in Gotham City?" Oh fuck. "I need you to go to Gotham and figure out what is up with him and see if you can find out what is with him and failing to capture Joker. This story could make global paper, not just Daily Planet!" She paced back and forth as she talked. My head was pounding as I looked at the women I loved. 

"Lois, it can't be someone else?"

"I don't trust anyone else with this!" 

"What about the blue blur?" She stopped. The blue blur is what people called me in Smallville. Everyone else called me Superman. 

"I can handle him."


"Please!" she begged. Her eyes were big and pulled at my heart strings. "Please, Clark! Please!"

"Fine!" I said. She threw her arms around me and I sighed.

Looks like I was about to pay Batman a whole bunch of unexpected visits. 

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