Suzume's POV

   My vision began to clear up as I blinked my eyes. My mind was clouded with confusion, drifting in and out of consciousness . Where am I?

   I blacked out for a few more seconds. When i looked up, a tall figure loomed over me. He looked frustrated, but it was too difficult to make out his facial features under his mask.

   "Hidan, you imbecile..." The deep voice trailed off.

   Another voice groaned, which I assumed was Hidan. "Ugh, what now?"

   Pain shot through my head for a brief moment. I heard the first person slam an object on a surface. "This one isn't in the bingo book!" He stated. "It was a waste of our time!"

   "Bullish*t, Kakuzu! He was in there for sure!"


"Gaara of the Sand was in the book. Worth 10 million."

   "CLEARLY this isn't the one," The first man, who I guess is Kakuzu, replied. "Gaara isn't a girl, idiot. Listen, I know this is your first mission but that is pathetic. I would kill you if I could."

  I slowly tilted my chin up at the two arguing, and took note of my surroundings. I was leaning against a wall by a shady-looking building. The dark figures from earlier turned out to be two guys in black robes with red clouds. One's face was covered by a mask except for piercing red and green eyes. The other had slicked back gray hair and strange purple eyes. Sometime before I was warned of them...

   Hidan glared over at me while Kakuzu was ranting about money.

   See, kid! This is the kind of garbage you get yourself into when I'm not around! You're a weakling!

   The demon pounded against its seal, sending waves of pain through my head.

   I heard a different voice. Why haven't you showed up to the rendezvous point? We've already disposed of the target.

   My blood turned to ice. The mission! My hand brushed past my ear, and I noticed that the transceiver was nowhere to be found. It must have fallen off while I was brought here.

   I'm in a little situation here-

   My brother cut me off. Where are you?

   I'm not sure. That's beside the point. There are these guys who are after you, so they took me, thinking it was you...

   His voice turned harsh. I know the Sand is after me. It's fine.

   But it's not the Sand Village, it's-

   I was cut off once again. "Make use of yourself, Hidan. Go dispose of the girl."

   "Wouldn't it be better to hold an interrogation? Then we could find the second one," Hidan explained.

   "Enough of my time's been wanted already. I could be off getting a head with an even greater bounty right now."

  "Wait... YOUR time? Well f*cking excuse YOU!"

   "JUST GO!" Kakuzu roared.

   Muttering profanity under his breath, Hidan turned around and walked closer. He stopped in front of me, cracking his knuckles.

   Kakuzu started to walk away. "Make it quick."

   "Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Hidan replied with a smirk.

  I struggle to my feet, incredibly sore all over. Leaning against the wall, I sighed, Looking at Hidan.

   Once his partner' footsteps faded, he raised an eyebrow. "You don't have much of a figure, do ya?"

   I crossed my arms. "I'm 13!!!"

   "Ever heard of Jashin?" He questioned, jingling a strange pendant on his necklace."

   "No," I trailed off. "And to be honest, I don't think I want to ."

   Hidan tipped his head back and started maniacally laughing. "AHAHAHAAA!!!" He regained his composure. "You're gonna regret what you just said, kid."



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