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71. Pure Heaven

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"Janet, this is Jay."

"Hi again Jay." She smiled as she greeted him.

"Hi Janet, it's nice to see you again and thanks again for looking after Mia last week.  Can I get you a drink?"

She smiled easily.  "Don't mention it and a wine would be great.  Thanks." 

As Jay was pouring her drink, Cam let himself him.

"Hi sweetheart, I'm home."  He announced as he headed into the kitchen and wrapped me into a tight hug, letting go only when Jay growled. 

Laughing good naturedly, he kissed my cheek and turned his attention to Janet. 

"Are you going to introduce me sweetheart?"  He murmured.

"Cam this is Janet.  Janet this is our dear friend Cam." 

There was no denying the physical attraction between them and I hoped they'd hit it off.

The drinks flowed and as I sipped on my lemonade, I watched the way Janet and Cam interacted.  Sure, they tried to converse with Jay and I, but invariably, their attention turned back to each other.  So, I was happy when Megan and Rob turned up.

After making the introductions, I followed Megan into the kitchen. 

"Spill." She said as she looked over my shoulder to where Cam and Janet were sitting.

"That's Janet.  From the lingerie store." I added and waited for the penny to drop.

"Shit Mia, you were totally right."

"I know." I said excitedly.  "They're so into each other."

"Yeah, but this is Cam we're talking about." She felt the need to remind me.

"Megan, I love Cam to death..."

A low growl behind me made me spin on my heels and I heard Megan laugh behind me before she excused herself and went back outside.

"Hi baby." I said in my sweetest voice as I reached for Jays hand and leant up to kiss his soft lips. 

Jay resisted when I tried to deepen it and I inwardly smirked at his jealousy and possessiveness.

"You know babe,"  I murmured against his lips.  "if Cam and Janet hit it off,"  I kissed him again.  "his obsession with stirring you up will wane.  He'll have someone else to focus on."

"You love him?"  He asked as his hands tightly gripped my waist and he nipped my bottom lip.

"Aha." I moaned.

I loved teasing him, especially where Cam was involved.  It was so easy to wind him up, although he knew as well as Cam and I that all we had was an amazing friendship. 

Cam had been there for me in some of my darkest moments and I know that Jay was eternally grateful to him.

"I might just have to remind you why you love me so much."  He whispered against my ear in a low, deep voice.

"Maybe." I teased and was rewarded with another deep growl as he held me tight and pulled me close. 

"You're gonna pay for this baby, this teasing that you think is acceptable is about to earn you a spanking."

This time I was the one to moan loudly as I processed his words. 

"I'm sorry for being naughty." I whispered.  "I really do think you need to remind me that I'm yours."

I knew my words would hit him hard. 

"But right now babe, we have guests."

I smiled as I pulled away and turned to head back outside, laughing when I heard his next words.

"You're gonna pay for that baby."

My heart leapt and my stomach fluttered in anticipation.  If there was one thing as good as Jays hands on me, it was the thought of his hands on me.

The sexual tension that night wasn't just between Jay and I.  It was very evident between Cam and Janet, but also between Megan and Rob, much to Jays disgust.  If there was something in the air, it certainly settled over us all that night.

Rob and Megan left early.  Megan told me that they had decided to make the most of having a babysitter and were heading for a hotel room, the smile on her face telling me that this was probably a rare thing for them.

Cam and Janet were definately attracted to each other and as the night wore on there was a lot of flirting and innocent touching from both parties and when they left at 11.00, I silently hoped that they'd admit to themselves the attraction they had for each other.

And then I was alone with Jay.  The look on his face and glint in his eyes left no doubt that his thoughts from earlier were still foremost on his mind.

"Upstairs babe.  When I get there, I want you naked and waiting."

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat as I listened and wondered exactly what he wanted from me.  Smiling, I nodded.  It didn't matter what he was expecting, whatever I offered would be enough for him and it was an exciting thought.  To know that someone wanted whatever it was I was willing to give to them was extremely exciting.

I made my way upstairs and quickly stripped out of my clothes, my now 4 1/2 month pregnant belly sitting proudly on show.  It wasn't much, but it was there and I know how much he loved to see it.

That was confirmed when he walked into the room and his greedy eyes roamed my body.  He knelt before my open legs and kissed my belly.

"Hello little one.  I'm gonna have some time with mummy now, but when we're done I'll be back to talk to you.  Daddy loves you."

I swiped at the tears that fell down my cheeks, the same tears that fell each time Jay spoke to our baby so tenderly.  I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jay would be an awesome dad.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt Jays hands against my inner thighs, spreading my legs further than they were.

"I'm gonna taste your pretty cunt, then I'm gonna fuck it senseless." He said quietly as his eyes met mine, seconds before he pulled me towards him and latched his lips to my clit.

"Fuck!" I moaned when he began licking me, his tongue probing me along with his fingers. 

It was fast; it was intense; it was Jay.

It was fucking pure heaven as he ripped an orgasm from my more than willing body, before plunging his hard cock inside me.

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