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Hey, guys!!!!! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday!!!!! I didn't have time because I spent the whole day at school and then at the Grove, where I met Little Mix!!! Perrie is even more gorgeous in person!!!! Anywho...Sorry, I just have to say this: Perrie said she loved me!!!! I was all like "Congrats, Per! I love you so much!" and she was all like "Thanks, babe! I love you, too!!!!!" It still feels unreal. I don't even know anymore...Sorry! Okay, I'll stop talking now! Hope you like this chapter!!!!!

XOXO, Hannah

Tyler's P.O.V

I spent the whole day with Clara while Harry and Liam were helping Louis with that cute fort. Apparently, the whole thing worked out really well and they had dinner and El forgave him and everything. At least, that's what Liam told me. Harry, on the other hand, completely ignored Clara's and my existance, stalked upstairs, and slammed the guest room door behind him, not coming out for the rest of the night. I sigh and look at Clara.

"I'm sorry," she whispers quietly.

"Why the fuck would you be sorry?" I ask, glaring at her. "It's not your fault that Harry has decided to be an asshole."

"Yes it is," Clara whispers, tears forming in her green eyes.

"Aw, Clara, don't cry," I sigh, pulling her into a hug. "He'll come around, babe."

"I hope so," she sniffles, ,absent-mindedly rubbing her cut wrist. The cuts will scar, but they're not deep enough to need stitches. I sigh and pull her hand away from her arm. She wipes away her tears. "You should go home with Liam, he's waiting outside for you."

"Are you sure?" I ask her.

"Yeah," Clara says, her eyes shining.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" I hug her again.

"Okay," she tries to smile and I squeeze her hand before walking outside to meet Liam.

"You okay?" Liam asks me.

"I'm fine. I'm worried about Clara," I tell him.

"I know, I am, too," Liam sighs. "I don't know how we can help, though. She really needs to start seeing Katherine..."

"Yeah," I agree. "Let's just go home."

Clara's P.O.V.

I sit on the sofa and let the emotions pour out of me through my tears. Harry doesn't hear me--if he does, he doesn't acknoweledge it. I know, I don't deserve him. But it would be nice if he would support me rather than shutting me out... I let another sob leave my mouth and cover it with my hand. I used to never cry, now look at me. I feel like I cry every other day now.

"Clara?" The door opens and closes. "Clara, I have an apology to make."

"No you don't, El. I would feel the same way," I tell my friend, desperately trying and failing to make the tears disappear from my cheeks.

"No, not for that," Eleanor replies. "Well, for that, too, but that's not what I was saying. I'm sorry for not being there when you needed me."

"It's okay, Eleanor," I sigh. "Don't worry about it."

"No, it's not okay," she tells me as she walks into the room. "You needed me and I abandoned you for something that I should have known you wouldn't do."

"Whatever," I roll my eyes in defeat.

"Clara, have you been crying?" Eleanor groans, stalking to the kitchen, wetting a towel with warm water, and coming back over to me. She gently dabs at my face. My mom used to do that...

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