chapter 12- Cafe Trouble Part One

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 -Living with a Hot Devil: 12. Café Trouble Part One-

 Tyler's Office...

"My, my, what do we have here," The man said peering at his friend's rejuvenated face.

"So, you slept well, last night?" The same man with spiky blond hair asked walking across the office room. "Despite your terrible no sleep of yesterday."

Arching a brow, Tyler turned his chair around. "Oh, it's you, Chris. I should have know."

A wide mischievous smile appeared on Chris's face. "You fucked her last night, didn't you? I can see it on your face."

Chris chuckled when his friend didn't answer. He said in his place. "You would said, 'Would you quit using your vulgar words on me? And prying in my business.' right?'

Tyler shook his head and sighed heavily. "What is it that you want this time?"

Raising his hands in defense, Chris said grinning. "I want to pass by and have a little chat with you. Man to man, friend to friend."

"..." Tyler arched a brow in somewhat annoyance. He said as he read Chris's obvious mind. "You want details, am I right?."

Laughing like a maniac, the blond replied. "Hmm, my dear friend, you know me too well. Guess, you read my mind." David spun the chair around and sat on it masterfully. "So, give me the scoop."

Dropping the newspaper on his desk, Tyler said plainly. "well, I'm not telling. But what I'm telling you is, the market FJA went up 2.0."

"the chick is too hot to describe?" Chris asked smiling like a maniac. "Was she that good? C'mon Tyler, you're killing me here!"

"Out you go, Chris." Tyler said turning his chair around.

"Part pooper." The blond spouted as he left the room.


The clock on the wall strike four in the afternoon and a brunette with nice curls and bright aquamarine blue eyes walked to the new employee, she tapped her shoulder and asked in a good mood, "How's your day?"

Jumping up in fright, Mekaela turned around to see the brunette chuckling "Oh, hey Michelle, It's you."

"Who did you think I was?" She smiled

Mekaela blushed. "Eh- no one..."

"I don't mean to sound nosy, but really?"

A shy smile appeared on Mekaela's face. "Yes." She said meekly.

"Enjoying this job so far?"

She nodded happily.

Arching a brow, Michelle patted her shoulder. "Well, okay, girl. Back to work." She looked behind at the table nearby. "I think those two are ready to order, could you cover for me while I'm gone for my break?" She signaled to a brunette and red-headed couple.

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