Part 2

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Toby pinned you down on the bed, gripping your wrist so you couldn't move at all. "Thanks for making me cum, (y/n)." He smiled, mischievously at you. He began to chuckle softly in your ear. Then his chuckles grew louder into a laugh. A loud laugh. A laugh that mimicked that of a maniac's laugh. "W-what..?" You ask confused. "You silly little kitty..." He spoke softly, resting his head against your shoulder. Toby then suddenly turned you around on all fours. Your sweet plump ass into full view for Toby. Without another second, Toby slapped your ass as hard as he can. "Aah!" You exclaimed.

Toby's P.O.V

I began to chuckle softly and buried my head on her shoulder. Then my soft chuckle grew into a laugh. A loud laugh. Like the time when I murdered this fucking whore who threatened to expose slender and the rest of the proxy's existence to the world. I laughed maniacally and I could tell (y/n) was confused. "W-what..?" (Y/n) asked. She didn't know what I was gonna do to her next. I'm gonna make you cum so much, your pussy will be throbbing by the time I'm done with you, pancake. I thought. "You silly little kitty..." I say softly. I then grabbed her waist and turned her around making her go on all fours. Her ass was right in front of me and my d*ck grew harder at the sight. Without another breath, I slapped my hand against her ass so hard, it turned red on the first slap. "Aah!" (Y/n) exclaimed.

I did it again. And again. And again. And again. It wasn't until the 43rd time I slapped her ass she started to whimper loudly. "Ugh...T-t-toby....i-it h-hurts...." She whimpered at me. I bought my palm up to her round red ass and she flinched. "Don't worry....that was the last time." I say soothingly to her. I began to slowly massage her red butt cheeks softly, which seemed to ease (y/n).

"Sorry." I apologize softly. I continue to rub her red woeful ass while she purred in pleasure, glad that I wouldn't continue on torturing her booty. I travel my hands up to her spine and rubbed her back softly with gentleness. (Y/n) purred more at the touch.

"You like that?" I ask, smirking at her from behind. "Mm...yeah." She says.
"Then you'll surely love this one~" I say smiling. I turned her body right side up so she was facing me. I looked deep into (y/n)'s beautiful eyes which reminded me of sparkling little stars in the sky.

I focus my attention back to her curvy, sexy body and smirk in delight. And then I look back down to see my erected hard dick. I sighed. "Are you ready (y/n)?" I ask.


You took in a deep breath and stared at Toby. You wanted this. "Yes." You say certainly but you bit your lip nervously. This was obviously your first time and all your other friends had all lost their virginity to their boyfriends. They had all told you stories of their night of loosing their virginity. They said it hurt. And you were worried. Toby seemed to read your worried and nervous expression and soothed you. "It's ok, (y/n). I'll go slow at first. It's gonna be fine. I'll be gentle, ok?" Toby says, comforting you. He took his hand and touched it to your face. "It's my first time too." He informed, smiling. He kissed you on the cheek.

Toby started to spread your legs apart. Your pussy, the centre of attention in Toby's eyes. You felt embarrassed and exposed. You blushed hard. This really was your first time. You pussy was soaking wet and thirsty for some hard cock. It was like a waterfall. "You are soo wet~" Toby examined, smirking. His husky voice turned you on and you got even more wet just hearing him say that to you. "Getting turned on, I see?" He says playfully. "Before we get to the main event here, I wanna do something first." He said, bending down to your soaking wet pussy. "W-what are you gon-AH!" You screamed.

You felt Toby's mouth up against your pussy. He was licking it softly at first then going roughly at each second that passed. Toby bit your wet pussy and you moaned hard. "Aaahh~Toby, keep going~! Ah! It feels soo..good!" You moaned. Toby licked your pussy even more and your arched your back. "Haaahh~! Ungh! Toby!" You yelled.

"I-I'm g-gonna c-um!" You shout. Toby continued to lick and lick your pussy even more, pure pleasure consuming you by the moment and when you reached your climax, white substance poured out of your vagina and into Toby's face and mouth. "You came so much, (y/n)~" Toby purred sexily. "But I told myself to make you cum so much tonight that your vagina will still be throbbing even in the morning." He smirked.

You took a deep breath. "Then make me." You say, spreading your legs even further apart than before. "Enter." You demand. You wanted Toby to take your virginity. Now. Toby grabbed something from under the bed and pulled it out. "I've been saving these..." He says, showing you a pack of condoms. He gave you a sly smirk and rolled up a condom on his dick.

Did Toby wanted this to happen? Was he planning it, before? You thought.

Toby slammed his hard dick into you without a word. "AAHH!!" You scream in pain. "You said you'll be gentle...remember?!" You remind him, slightly pissed. "Sorry...just got too excited to be inside of you." Toby explained, smirking. "You fucking liar." You spit. "Pancake, don't be like that~" Toby whimpered. "I promise I'll go slow." He says. And you trust him. You always trusted him. More than anyone you know, actually.

Toby started to go at a slow gentle pace for you. Moving his waist back and forth against you slowly.

"Ah~ Tobyyy!" You whine. "F-faster..." You ask, in pleasure.

Toby leaned in your ear. "Beg for it, pancake. Beg for it. Beg for it!" He says. "F-FASTER TOBY! FASTER!" You scream. Toby obeyed and started moving faster. "H-haaahh! I-I...ungh!! Tobyy~! AAH~!" You screamed in pleasure now that all the pain was gone and pleasure had now consumed you in Toby's movements.

Toby continued to go at a fast rate. Pushing into you faster and faster. He groaned. "Ughh...(y/n)~ You're so....ugh..ah! T-tight!" He moaned against your ear. You begin to scratch his back. Your nails digging into his pale back which made Toby moan even more. "Y-yes Toby. More!!" You yell. His dick sliding in and out of you, pushing against your already throbbing pussy. "I-I-I'm gonna...." Before you had the chance to say the word, you already did. Cum spilled from you vagina and piled onto the bed sheets.

Toby came with you too. Cum exploded out of his penis and spilled onto the bedsheets. It was like a whole cum explosion.

You panted heavily. Your chest, and neck covered in sweat from Toby's body heat. Your breasts heaved up and down from the hard panting and you gasped. Toby pulled back off of you and chilly air ran through your naked body as he left along with his body heat.

Toby sat by the edge of the bed, panting and taking the condom off and throwing it away in the trash. You begin to sit up, facing him. "T-Toby...." You started.

"Yeah?" He replied softly, looking at you. "Did you....want to have sex with me? Did you want me to be your first?" You ask, and he chuckled in response. "Pancake, why wouldn't I?" He said, gesturing his hands for you to come forward and closer to him. You crawled closer to him and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

You were wrapped in Toby's warm arms as he continued to hug you lovingly and you cuddled up with him like a baby bird in it's warm nest. You lowered you head onto his chest and relaxed a bit. "Did you like it?" Toby spoke. His chin rested ontop of your head.

"Yes~" You whispered, closing your eyes.

"Good. Because we're gonna do more of those from now on (y/n)~" He said huskily as he bent down his neck and continued to nibble on the skin. You moaned at this and he started to kiss you again.

Tongue entering your mouth and saliva drooling out of his thirsty mouth. You could feel Toby's hands travel up your chest and start to massage your boobs, pinching the hard nipples.

"Mm...~" you continue to moan.

You felt sleepy and started to close your eyes. The last thing you saw before your vision blurred was Toby looking at you smugly. But you managed to say something before you fell asleep in Toby's arms.


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