Chapter 4: Team Meeting

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As Robin and Danny walked, or floated in Danny's case, down the halls towards the living room, Danny stopped which didn't go unnoticed by his brother. He turned back and saw Danny's white hair overshadow his face.

"Hey you ok Danny?" Robin asked stopping. Danny looked up at him, fear evident in his eyes.

"What-what if they don't like me?" he says. Robin walked over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"They will like you. You want to know why? It's because your unique. Your special Danny. There's nothing wrong with being different. If anything, different is better than normal." Robin said softly. Danny looked up at him and gave him a small smile. He took a deep breath to relax himself and began walking with Robin to the living room. When they arrived, all eyes went to Danny and Robin. "Guys this is Danny. Danny this is Aqualad, Kid Flash or Wally, Miss Martian or Meagan, Artemis, and Superboy or Connor." Robin said pointing to the people whose names he said. Kid Flash was the first to run up to Danny to greet him. He took his mask off which showed a boy about the same age as Robin.

"So, your names Danny? It's nice to meet you!" Wally said. He held his hand out for a hand shake, which Danny hesitantly accepted. Wally began shaking his hand at super speed but Danny fazed his hand through Wally's to get out of the grip. Wally stood dumbfounded while the others looked on curiously. "Wha-How did you do that?!" Wally asked shocked.

"I'm half ghost. It's one of my ghost powers." Danny said shyly. The others in the room, except Robin, gave slight gasps.

"Your half ghost?" Meagan asked. Danny nodded his head.

"How is it that you are half ghost?" Aqualad asked curiously.

"Well to sum it up simply, I accidentally activated a ghost portal Jack and Maddie built, with me inside. The energy infused my DNA with ghost DNA and I became half ghost and after that." Danny said.

"So, your half ghost and half human I suppose?" Artemis said. Danny nodded his head again. Robin stood on the side as Danny conversed with the team, happy everything was going well. He spoke a little too soon as he saw Danny's body go stiff. Blue mist came out of Danny's mouth, and his eyes widened a bit.

(A/N When I wrote Artemis dialogue I instantly thought, finally someone said he's half human like what else would he be? Half idk alien? Uh, half demon?)

"I need everyone to get behind the counter. Now." Danny said in an urgent voice. The team, who had no idea what was going on, followed Danny's orders since he seemed to know what was going on. Suddenly in the center of the room, a big green ring appeared and the center was swirling green. Danny got into a defensive position as he waited for the ghosts to appear from the portal. Before Danny could act, a white and black blur shot at him knocking him into the couch.

"DADDY!" a female voice screamed. Danny took a moment to register what was going on. He looked down at the figure who had wrapped her arms around his chest.

"D-Danielle?!" Danny said shocked. He sat up with Danielle still clinging to him like a lifeline. "Wha-What...oh my god I missed you so much." Danny said as he pulled Danielle close and hugged her tightly back. He felt his shirt get damp and assumed it was Danielle crying. By this time, the Young Justice team had emerged from behind the counter.

"Um Danny? Who is this?" Aqualad asked. Robin stood beside Aqualad with confusion on his face.

"Oh, um, guess there's no sugar coating this." Danny said with an airy laugh. "Guys this is my daughter Danielle." he said. Robins mouth went agape while the other went wide eyed.

"Wait you have a daughter?!" Wally shouted. This caused Danielle to look up at the group. She stood up and got into a fighting stance.

"Are you the people who took my dad away from me?!" she shouted. Danny quickly intervened.

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