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(Athena P.O.V)

"Athena I'm a were-". Kaden cut his sentence off from him wincing and grabbing his head like someone just hit him there. I stood there for a minute just looking at him, his eyes turning black just like the night at the party. I was going to confront him about it but I was stopped by a loud growl from behind me.

I slowly turned around shocked as a huge orange colored wolf come from out the trees.

'How can a wolf be this freaking big!

I started to back up but stopped dead in my tracks from the wolf growling, my heart was now hammering out my chest as I heard another growl come from behind me but this growl was different, it made me feel safe.

I was to caught up in the moment to see the wolf about to lunge at me, before the wolf even made the slightest move a huge black wolf bigger than the orange one jumped in front of me standing proud in tall. I don't know why but feel like I'm safe and the wolf won't hurt me.

That soon was gone once the wolfs started to circle each other, when the orange wolf lunged at the black wolf, it side-step him. I took a moment to think, I quickly turned around looking for Kaden but all I found was shredded clothes on the ground.

'No he can't be, Can he? Was he the one who growled?. That explains why his eyes turned black at the party right? Oh my god, KADEN'S A FREAKIN WEREWOLF !!.

I look towards the wolfs fighting seeing the the black wolf which I now assume is Kaden pinning the other down. What he did next scared the heck out of me. I took off running away from him trying to get out of these damn woods and go home.

I was running faster than I ever did before dodging trees and jumping over rocks. I didn't even know where I was going but I didn't care as long as get away from the wolf I think is Kaden.

'He lied to me this whole time, making me think I was just imagining stuff from him growling, to his eyes turning black it's from him being a huge freakin dog'.

I came out my thoughts when I heard paws hitting the ground from behind me, by now I was panting trying to catch my breath. I look over to my right to see the black wolf running beside me.

I made a sharp left turn dodging the trees, I look over to the wolf making the same left turn I did, its eyes still on me it didn't notice the tree standing there. I watch as the wolf crash into the tree knocking the tree over. I try to stop running due to the tree about to fall in front of me. I see the tree about to fall down on me, I couldn't move it's like my feet was glued to the floor. I was tackled by something pushing me out of the way of the fallen tree.

I am now on the ground looking up to sky through the trees trying to catch my breath from running. Just then the sky is blocked from my view from the huge black wolf looking down on me with concern eyes. I stand up quickly turning around to look at the wolf who I think is Kaden looking back at me with the same green forest eyes as his.

"Kaden?" I whispered. I see the wolfs ears perk up from the name.

The wolf got into a crouching position, I heard a crack and more. I am looking at the wolfs leg braking, this went on until the wolf was now a naked Kaden laying on the ground. He stood up walking to a bush to pull out some basketball shorts and put them on. I was there in shock from what happen a few moments ago.

"Athena let me explain-". He couldn't finish the rest of his sentence, from me getting dizzy and falling to ground. I felt his hands circle around my waist before I allowed the darkness to take over me.

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