Chapter 25

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"Yeah, I just-" Y/n sighs while holding the phone to her ear with her shoulder. "don't want to be in the same room as her, alone." She tells Simon while walking into the living room where Little Mix is waiting for her.

After a little convincing, Jesy changed Y/ns mind about working with Dinah in the studio. Instead of not working with her at all, Y/n is trying to convince Simon to let the girls come in and help her with Dinah.

"Well, what do you propose?" Simon asks while shuffling in his seat, which Y/n hears through the phone.

"The girls have to be in there with me." Y/n says and Jesy gives her a thumbs up. Jade is still captivated in RuPauls Drag Race while Leigh and Perrie are on snapchat.

"Little Mix?" Simon asks and Y/n tells him that he is correct. "Alright, if it's the only way that you'll do it." He agrees and says goodbye to Y/n before hanging up.

Y/n puts her phone in her pocket and smiles at the four girls, even though Jesy is the only one who is paying attention to her.

"Yes!" Jesy shouts while clasping her hands together. "I'm gonna torture that bitch! Medieval style!" She says and adds on an evil laugh for effect.

"We're supposed to be helping her, not killing her." Y/n laughs while sitting down beside Jesy.

Jesy shrugs her shoulders. "You're right. She does need help with her voice." She says and pauses before continuing. "She always gets so out of breath when singing it's bloody hilarious."

"I used to think it was because she was out of shape, but now I think it's just the way her voice is." Perrie laughs from the other side of the couch.

Leigh laughs before adding on. "If you can't sing live, don't sing at all." She says and the other four women agree with her.


"She's thirty minutes late." Jade announces while showing Y/n the time on her phone.

Y/n pushes Jades phone out of her face. "Being late is her thing." She says while rolling her eyes.

"We should make her run laps for every minute that she's late." Perrie thinks out loud. "Thirty laps around the building. That would be fun to watch." She laughs.

"If she gets out of breath from singing for twenty seconds, imagine how she'll be after thirty laps." Leigh adds on before her and Perrie erupt into laughter.

Simon walks through the door with Dinah right after Leigh says her joke. "Sorry that she's late." He says while pushing Dinah into the room and locking the door behind him as he leaves.

Dinah, honestly just, wants to die. Little Mix is staring daggers into her and making her immediately feel uncomfortable. Y/n hasn't even acknowledged her yet since she's texting someone. Dinah awkwardly shuffles her feet and understands how Simon knows that this is torture for her.

"Are you just gonna stand there or get in the studio? Jesus, it's like you need me to do everything for you." Y/n says without looking up from her text conversation with Kendall.

Dinah tenses but walks into the recording booth, and awkwardly stands there waiting for further instructions. She can't see through the window, since it's one way, so she can't see what Y/n or the girls are doing. Simon truly knows how to torture someone.

"Can I try something?" Jesy asks Y/n while walking over to the panel.

Y/n nods her head while putting her phone down after ending her conversation with Kendall about her coming over tonight.

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