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I watched all six wolf's fight against Xmara and his men, I watched as the old woman softly chanted words against Tyio's ear. I watched Emana hovering in air unconsciously, all I can seem to do was watch everything happen before my eyes in slow motion.

The more they fought Xmara, the more he grew powerful. It was like he was draining their energy, I had to stop him.

But how?

I grabbed the soil beneath my fingers, I looked up at the tresses that was shielding me. I pushed my hands forward and the branches did the same.

I stood up and started to move my hands, "Xmara!" Everyone turned their heads towards me. The branches moved towards the one person I wanted to hurt the most.

"Yes my love?" He whispered in my mind. His eyes lit up a shade of dark red when I didn't answer him, every move he made my way was in slow motion. Inches away from me he stood, I was sucked into another dimension along with him.

Holding a dagger in his hand while I laid in his arms. "It does hurt doesn't it Xmara?"

"I do not know what your talking about." He replied, holding in his tears.

"Here, it hurts?" I softly said while pointing at his heart.

I was being pulled back, lifting my hands up to my face. I watched them bleed before the ground beneath Xmara swallowed him deeper and deeper. His head was the only body part that was showing.

His men fallen quickly after him. I stared back at my hands and the blood was gone.

Looking down at him as his eyes looked up at me. "Invade my mind once again love, maybe you will see the way I will kill you."

Falling to my knees, I dare to attempt to read his mind. My fingers gently placed over his cheek, there was no one around us. Just him and I, in another world.

"Let me out and I'll show you how I will kill you my love."

"Will you kill me slowly?"

Tears fell from my eyes, "Come closer my love, just a peck on those rosy lips of yours and I'll die a happy man."

"Xmara?" I whispered inches away from his lips. He moved in closer to kiss me, only for someone to pull me away from him.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed as I opened my eyes.

We were back in the black forest, I crawled back away from him. He was trying to get out but couldn't, he stopped fighting and looked my way.

"I will kill you, you'll see my forbidden sweet."

Maximus was before me, growling at Xmara. Ethan was crawling over to Emana body that fell to the floor in a loud thump. "Hey, get up. Emana, get up." He whispered as he held her close to his chest.

"Take her into the portal before more come, I will take Tyio with him and heal him-"

"No, I'm not leaving anyone behind. If I go in, we all go in. End of discussion." I yelled out.

Maximus shifted back into Zod, the old lady placed clothing on his naked form as he approached me.

I stared at her as she looked down at Tyio before looking over at Emana. She looked back at me, "It is cursed, Emana can't-"

"Yes she can, I will shield her from the curse. I'm not going in there alone Zod, everyone comes with me. I can't leave-"

"Shhh, alright. Everyone comes in, just calm down and enter first please."

"No, you're lying to me. I won't enter until everyone is in there."

"Open the portal." He shouted.

One of the six wolves went and started to chant words, she was a goddess in the form of a human. Long black hair that cover her private parts. Skin that looked like golden honey that glittered radiantly.

A portal opened widely, I stepped back and watched in amazement.

Waiting for everyone to go in, I looked back at Xmara. Something about him felt weird, it was like...

"Maya, let go!" Zod yelled, and I shook off the urge to ask Xmara what am I to him. 

There was only Tyio and the old lady  left. They entered before me, my heart felt relief as Zod held out his hand for me.

I turned around to face Xmara, he was trying to escape but failed miserably. "I'll be waiting for you my love, I'll come for you sooner than you think."

Was the last thing I heard from him before the portal closed.

Gasping sound came from behind me as dark clouds filled the skies, it was Emana trashing uncontrollable in Ethan's arms. "Do something Maya." He yelled out as he held her body tightly.

The old lady went to her side, but I pushed her away. "Don't." I yelled as I looked down at Emana.

"Breath, I won't leave you. Nothing will happen to you, I promise."

I slowly back away before shielding her and Ethan in a bubble, I watched her relax in his arms while he slowly smiled down at her.

The skies cleared up quickly, people gathered around us. Watching my every move, Zod bended down behind me. "Where's Arthur?" He questioned the group of people.

"Can I kiss you Emana?" Ethan asked.

She stroked his cheek softly. "Please!"

They sweetly kissed each other from the heart, the shield broke and I panicked. Moving my hands quickly to make another shield but it didn't work.

She was gasping for air, the skies weren't dark.

"Why isn't my shield working?" I asked in fear.

"She doesn't need it, she doesn't feel for Arthur, but for the man before her." The old lady whispered confusingly.

"That means there's no curse?" I asked with such hope.

"I don't believe there is anymore. One shall live happily and one shall watch from afar. That means..." she looked at me with a sad look.

"It's ok, as long as she is happy." I stated as I looked over at Emana who was lost in Etahn.  "Still have 300 hundred years of pain before my happy ending comes." I giggled, but no one found it funny.

"Let's go to the castle, you need to rest Maya." Zod said as he lifted me up of my feet.

My body was weak, I let him carry me as a man came in riding on a white horse. He had long hair and dark black eyes, he stared at me before looking at Emana who didn't seem to notice him.

"Emana?" He uttered in a low voice I barely heard.

"Close your eyes Maya, I'll come back for the rest." He said as he laid me down on a bed. I was in a room all of the sudden, I wanted to ask how but he was gone before he returned once more with Emana and Ethan. He went back and in a flash, he brought one by one back to the room I was in.

Conner, Eddie, Lexin and his wife. Tyio the old woman. We were all in a dark old room before he stood before me.


"You can say I have powers as Xmara but only in my kingdom. Are you feeling OK? Are you hungry? Tired? Do you want to sleep? I-"

"You will answer all my questions when I wake up?" I asked as I stared at the old woman.

"Sleep my dear, I will answer whatever you want to know."

I grabbed Zod's hand and pulled him near, "I have nothing against you, but you won't let me in. Grant me one wish please, let Maximus be with me this moment. I really need him, please."

Tears fell down my cheeks as I felt my heart break, my eyes felt heavy as I waited for Maximus. I opened my eyes and the room was empty, no one was here but....I looked up at him careful.

"I haven't seen you for awhile Maximus, are you hiding from me?"

"No my love, I just wanted you to get along with Zod. I'm sorry..." he whispered out before everything turned dark.

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