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I stared at the dark ceiling above me. The house was quiet, it was night time and I was alone on a huge bed clinging onto the bedsheets. It wasn't because I was afraid of the monsters under the bed, it wasn't because I was alone in the room; It was because I was in pain.

My abdomen felt like it would explode from the pain. Beads of sweat ran down my forehead as my knuckles turned white because I was gripping the sheets so tightly. It seemed like it was unbearable but I was managing. At least that's what I made myself believe.

"Damn you Min Yoongi" I cursed as I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest. Apparently, I was in heat and Yoongi had found that out when we were in the car. He hadn't talked to me since what happened and I was getting angrier at him by the second. I don't get why he's keeping his distance... it's annoying the shit out of me.

I heard the door squeak open causing me to snap out of my thoughts and look at the intruder. I was half expecting it to be Yoongi but it wasn't. My face must've shown my obvious disappointment because the person made an angry face.

"Yah! How dare you be disappointed that it was me who came to check on you" Mijoo exclaimed as she closed the door and came to sit next to me. She was obviously joking, knowing the state I was in. "How're you feeling?" She asked when I remained silent.

"I am feeling astonishingly glorious" I said with a very big fake smile. She gave me a weird look and I groaned from the agony causing me to lose my sarcastic smile.

"I'm the sarcastic one idiot" She flicked my forehead as she rolled her eyes. I glared at her and pushed her off the bed, not I the mood to joke around with my best friend.

Mijoo got up and sat back on the bed as if nothing ever happened. I groaned again and put my head down on my knees.

"Don't tell me I sneaked all the way here just to get thrown off a bed" She said resting her head on the back of the king sized bed.

"Jimin doesn't know you're here?" I asked looking at her in surprise.

"Nope" She smiled proudly, as if she had just accomplished the hardest mission in the world. At least it wasn't Yoongi, or else he wouldn't have let her leave so easily.

I yelled in pain laying my head on Mijoo's shoulder. She patted my head comfortingly, showing that she was here for me. I appreciated the gesture and closed my eyes. "If I die, tell mom that I was the one who stole her valentines day chocolate"

"I knew it!" She screamed and I jumped, my head falling onto a cushion as Mijoo stood up. She mumbled a sorry when she realised my head was on her shoulder a minute before. "Your mom blamed me cause I love chocolates" She pouted.

"Of course it was me... who else even lives in our house?" I rolled my eyes as I sat up again.

"I think you're becoming more and more like me" She smirked laying down beside me.

"Why is Yoongi ignoring me?" I pouted as I stared at the ceiling again.

"He's not ignoring you. He's staying away from you so he doesn't feel tempted to fuck you right then and there" She shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh my gawd could you be more obvious!" I yelled blushing furiously and hitting her arm. She glared at me and rubbed it to soothe it. The slap wasn't even that hard.

We both went quiet until Mijoo decided to speak up again. "You know Hyemi... I've never said this before but you should know that I'm always here for you. I'm sorry we had that fight before you got captured... I regretted it ever since and I'm sorry I was mad the moment you came back. You know I'm not very good at showing emotions but I really want to go back to the way we were before. Before all of this happened... before we got our own super-hot kidnapper werewolves" She made a small joke.

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