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ahahahah i'M TRASH

Warning, a lil triggering content violence and attempted assault


So luckily, they didn't die—although [Name] was pretty sure she would never again in her life step foot in a car with Kouha— and happened to make it back just when the bell rang, signaling that the students had 5 minutes to get to class.

Bidding Kouha goodbye (he whined about having to go to Mr. Tamadachi, who he had for fifth) the two girls headed to the choir class. 

The classroom was noticeably more spacious than others, and had no desks but raisers with chairs set into three different rows. Other students were already there and had claimed their seats. [Name] was gleefully surprised to see Hakuryuu in the one of the chairs reading a textbook.

"Oh! Haku!" Kougyoku called out and the raven haired youth looked up from his textbook and smiled at them.

"Oh? You guys are in choir too?" He asked as he set his textbook down near his bookbag and patted the seats next to him. [Name] tool the one closest to him as Koug took the far right.

"I didn't know you were into singing." He looked quizzically between his cousin and [Name]. Kougyoku sighed, before speaking. 

"I was going to sign up for swimming but Kouha blackmailed me to join choir since I didn't want to join dance, so here I am." She gestured to the classroom. "But I'm sure it'll be fun! Besides...isn't Alibaba in choir too?"

"He is, but he has it for first period. I think he has some computer class now." Kougyoku pouted, crestfallen at the fact that the blond wouldn't be in class with them. It was quite evident that the red-head felt something for him.

The teacher, a young male with long light hair came into the class and introduced himself as Mr. Zen. The class started with vocal warm-ups to as to see what level they were at, and then Mr. Zen passed out a questionnaire worksheet.

The worksheet was simple. Some get-to-know you questions, along with musical related questions, and things such as 'what do you want to accomplish this semester.'

[Name] chewed at the end of her purple-inked pen as she read over the question.

'Name your favorite song from a musical'

She had to think good on this one. She hadn't seen many musicals, but from the ones she did know she couldn't simply choose. A lot of the songs from them were great.

She couldn't make up her mind; deciding to wing it, she scribbled down the first thing that popped into her head.

'Satisfied' ~Hamilton Original Broadway Cast

She didn't realize that Hakuryuu had peeked over her shoulder and read her answers. "You're a Hamilton fan?"

A little startled, [e/c] eyes turned to meet icy blue.  Smiling, she gave a small nod. "Y-Yeah. My sister was  into it and would listen to it all of the time. She was even in a stage production of it a few years ago. I guess it pretty much rubbed on me..." Her fingers twiddled together.

His eyes brightened. "Really? That's interesting, because my older brother Hakuren was in a production as well. He's always been into theater and stuff like that." He smiled.

"You have a brother?"

"Yes. Two, actually. They don't live with us though, the college they attend is in another state." He said as the bell rang for fifth period. She didn't realize how little time mattered when she talked to him. It was as if her walls just suddenly went away around him,  just like that. Kougyoko had Torran language for sixth period, which was in a different side of the school. After bidding her bye, the two walked to their last period together, which they happened to also share.

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