Chapter 2

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Frisk ran and ran far through the woods, soon enough getting lost, not knowing where she was, but she didn't care. She couldn't take staying here anymore and needed to get back to her world, the world that actually would accept her, the world that was normal.

The air was freezing. Being a human had its downfalls because her body temperature dropped fast the moment she stopped to catch her breath. She crossed her arms over her chest, shivering and taking a moment to look where she was.

"....Sans..." She whispered, looking down and sobbing. "I'm so sorry. I-I just can't keep doing this. I want to take it all back."

The Reset bar came up. She hesitated at first, but eventually reached out towards it, about to press it...


Frisk gasped, recognizing that voice and yanking her hand back in an instant, but keeping the Reset up.

"Don't reset kid, please." He begged. "I can't keep doing this. I can't keep..." The memory of his brother being killed by this...demon child came back to his mind. He couldn't keep living it over again. Having his own personal nightmares of finding Papyrus and his friends gone again was bad enough.

"Sans." She said firmly, having all of her tears vanish. "You don't get it, do you?"


"Chara. She's coming back. I can feel it. And..." Frisk sighed, attempting to do her best to get rid of any tears that may have come out. She had to be bold. "And.." She continued. "I don't want to have her hurt you or anyone else for that matter. E-Either i can can help me find a way out of this place. It's the only w-way...Sans..."

"Kid, listen.." He replied, mistakenly taking a step forward to see her gasp and raise her hand back up to the Reset button threateningly.

"Not another step, Sans! I-I'll do it!"

He slowly took that step back, but her hand still didn't move.

"Am i really the only one who has been having these nightmares?!" Frisk suddenly snapped. Anger was taking over her. Chara was the reason for all of this. "I can't be! I just can't be! How the hell can everyone stand around and pretend everything's fine when there is a killer in their house?! I'm that killer Sans!"

"No, you're not." He replied calmly.

"YES, I AM! Don't you dare deny that everyone is fine! Don't you dare deny it! You all may think you enjoy me and my company,but i bet when i'm out of the room you all gossip about how afraid you all are! About how when the next Reset is going to come or about when you're all going to die next to do MY INSANITY!!"

Frisk was losing her sanity over the fear of Chara. She could feel her soul blooming inside her own, ready, but waiting to possess Frisk's body.

She laughed. This laugh wasn't normal either. "I knew it all along. You really are afraid of me- no, afraid of US. Well, let me tell you something Sans, i'm damn glad about THAT!"

Frisk continued to laugh, having it grow more insane by the moment. The moment she gave in her eyes turned a blood red and Chara appeared.

"Well, it certainly nice is to see you again, Sans. Ready to die?..Again?"

"Chara." Sans growled. His left eye turned blue and blue smoke emitted from it.

Out of nowhere, Chara took out her knife, smiling maliciously at her prey. He would die, again. They would all die again. Then, the process would repeat over and over and over until it got boring. That is, if Chara ever got bored which was highly unlikely from a high-spirited girl like her who was pure evil and possibly the daughter from the devil himself.

The Fight bar appeared. Chara clicked it.

"Let us let the fun begin, shall we?"

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