Chapter 14 | |  Hello, Karma ? It's me. I've got a job for you...

The weekend went by quickly, too quickly, and I found myself in my biology class, which I shared with Jackson, Eddy and Kyle. Of course, as the bright, ambitious scholar I am, I was utterly concentrating and paying attention to my teacher. Not.

I sat there, doodling and thinking about what has happened on the weekend. Me and Noah almost kissed and he manages to cover up the awkward situation with his "Too-Cool-For-School"- behaviour and pretends as if nothing has happened. He does this kind of stuff everyday with other girls everyday so I think I just should move on and forget about it.

Plus, what happened at the party preys on my mind. Those "coincidences" do not seem that coincidental to me at all. The question is: "How am I going to find out what they have planned ?"

All of a sudden, my teacher cleared his throat and my head snapped up.

"Ok class. You have to do a little project, nothing big just a bit of research on a topic of your choice. You'll do this with a partner which you are free to choose as well. You can start now", my head immediately shot to Kyle who was already looking at me.

I do not really know anyone in this class except from Jackson, Eddy and Kyle. As for Eddy and Jackson, I only have been knowing them for a week so that does not really count and I often work with Kyle because so that I do not have to do all the work alone. I may be lazy but when I do something, I do it right. I stood up from my chair and slid into the seat next to him.

"What's up ?", I asked him half-heartedly, not looking at him.

"I'm fine but it does not seem like you are too. What is wrong ?", he asked but I did not respond immediately respond.

"My mood is not the best right now, sorry.", I sighed and looked at Eddy, our eyes met and he....ignored me ? Kyle has followed my gaze, looking directly at Eddy. He must have noticed his behaviour because his face turned into a frown.

"Does your bad mood has something to do with him ?"

"No.", I sighed. "But it seems like I have to add him to my list.", I turned back to him. "Anyways, what topic do you want to do the research on ?"

"Are you kidding me ? I'm not going to work with you when you are like this. What the hell is wrong with you ? I have never seen you like this before.", he stroked my hand his frown disappeared, watching me worriedly.

I sighed and told him the whole story. From Noah's and mine almost kiss until what happened at the party.

"Oh girl, this won't end well for you.", he leaned again his seat back, put one hand on his mouth and chuckled. "But coming to the most important part...You and Noah almost kissed ?", he grinned.

"Yeah but it was nothing.", he gave me a sceptical look.

"Seriously, I'm more worried about Jessica. I do not trust her."

"Me neither.", he nodded. "But she'll maybe just put in a spider in your locker or something you know her.", he shrugged.

I shook my head. "I do not think so. There is more to that, I know it."

"If you say so but don't worry too much about it. She is not worth it."


After Biology, Kyle and I decided to spend lunch together, so we made our way towards the cafeteria.

I cannot believe that he is so calm about this. What are the odds that these things happen coincidentally but maybe I really worry too much about it.

I was not able to continue my train of thoughts due to a scream, interrupting it.

"What ?!"

Our heads shot into the direction where the scream came from.

It was Lizzie. She stood there arguing with Eddy. Well, I guess he was the one arguing because Lizzie is not the type of person to discuss with because she gets easily intimidated and then starts to cry.

"You heard me Lizzie ! I know it ! Everything !", Eddy yelled. We drew closer to them and I could see her, being about to tear up.

"E-Eddy what are you talking about ?", she bit her lip, wearing a desperate look on her face.

"You claim to be so innocent but I know the truth. You are a slut, even worse than Jessica. You slept with tons of guys, although you acted like you liked me."

My jaw dropped. What the hell is he talking about ? Why would he think that she....?


I knew it. I fucking knew it. This girl is just unscrupulous. That girl has nerves to use Lizzie for her nasty game playing, although I'm not surprised she did. By now, the hallway was completely quiet and everybody stood there, watching them.

"What a-are you talking about ? I never did anything of this.", tears started rolling down her face. Ok that is enough. I wanted to intervene their conversation but Kyle hold me back.

"You will make everything worse. Let them end their conversation."

"Are you serious ? He humiliates her in front of everyone.", I said furiously.

"I know but he obviously believes what he says. You need to convince him that he is wrong which should not take place in front of the whole school. Plus, he is totally enraged, you won't be able to convince him now.", he lowered his voice.

"I know you did. They told me, ok ? The guys you have slept with told me and even Kim did.", he yelled at her.

Lizzie could not take it anymore, turned around and fled, causing me and Kyle followed her right away. She ran out of the school, in the park and collapsed on a bank. Her face was completely red and her mascara covered half of her face.

"Why would he think something like that ? I never did any of this.", she was breathing heavily, wiping the tears out of her face.

I sat beside her, pulling her into a tight hug. "I'd know one possible reason. It starts with Jessica.", she stopped crying and looked up at me and then at Kyle who nodded in agreement.

"You remember the plan ? I told you she was up to something. She tries to get us away from the boys. Apparently, she started with you because you were the easiest on"

"What do you mean ? The easiest one ?", she cocked an eyebrow.

"You know what I mean. You are very shy and for her the best target. Obviously, she managed to get some guys to tell Eddy that you have slept with them. I told you two that this is more than a lousy prank.", I looked at her with utter seriousness.

"What are you going to do now ?", Kyle asked, scratching his head.

"Something we should have done a long time ago. Tell Noah and Jackson so that they won't fall for her lies too and I hope it's still not too late for this..."


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