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The next month was the same as the last two; other than the fact that Cal and Ariella had been spending a considerable amount of time together. The other debutantes were even beginning to gossip about Ariella's reputation. It seemed they always needed to keep themselves busy in someone else's business, and this month, it was Ariella's.

Cal and Ariella were sitting in the tea room, bickering about something unimportant as usual. The soft morning light shining through the floor length windows giving a gray glow to the circular room. A summer green sitting area was situated just in front of the windows, and three large bookshelves lined the walls.

Ariella took a long sip of her tea as she watched Cal with suspicious eyes from the love-seat across from him, "If you think for one moment that your mother would be okay with that-"

"And that's exactly why I wouldn't tell her," he smirked, running a hand through his golden hair, "You are really quite slow."

She shot him a disapproving stare, sitting back into the summer green cushion, "I'm only saying, in my opinion, that it's not a very good idea."


"And just think about what the other girls would think of me."

He sighed, shaking his head, "And since when did you start caring about what other people think of you?"

"I am simply stating my opinion, Your Highness," she said, setting her empty tea cup down on the mahogany side table separating the two love-seats.

"Fine, have it your way, Greg."

She rested her elbow on the arm of the seat, reaching up to toy with a piece of her hair, "I thought I told you to stop calling me that."

He smirked, getting up from his seat, "It's your last chance, come with me or stay with the others. I leave tomorrow."

She sighed, taking the hand he offered to help her up, "I'll think about it," she said thoughtfully, "I'll let you know this afternoon. I assume you're still up for our daily stroll through the gardens?"

"But of course, Mademoiselle," he said charmingly, leading her out of the room.

He left her at her chambers to get ready for the day, it was still only seven in the morning. They always met for breakfast in the early hours of the day so they could spend time together before the daily activities started. The rest of the day, other than their afternoon break which they used for their stroll, was occupied with debutante gatherings.

Cal was told by the Queen to call on Princess Sylvie for her debutante outing that day. Though, his conscience thoroughly told him otherwise. It was hellish enough to be away from Ariella, as weird as that may be, for they never got along when they were together. But the thought of courting another woman seemed ridiculous to him.

He sulked along the corridors to Sylvie's chambers, trying to mentally prepare himself for her. Cal stood blankly in front of her door for a few minutes, telling himself all of the reasons why he shouldn't go through with it before he finally knocked.

A maid answered, cracking the door open slightly, "Oh, Your Highness!" She exclaimed, opening the door to its full extent before dropping into a curtsy, "Princess! You have an important visitor!"

Sylvie shot out from her closet on the opposite wall, but then stopped abruptly, almost as if she was expecting someone else, "My prince," she said softly, regaining her composure.

"Good morning, Princess," he said, slightly unenthusiastically while bowing his head in acknowledgement.

Sylvie approached him slowly, her blush pink gown showing off her slender body, "What do I owe the pleasure of seeing you to this morning?" She asked softly, trying to hide the distain in her voice.

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