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SUMMER is such an exciting time of year. The short shorts, bikinis, summer nights, new loves and hanging out with friends all combine to make the time magical.

But for me, the word SUMMER is just my name. Simple as that. No kidding. No joking.

Many people love me. They love what I'm doing. Except HIM.

There's always a freelance photographer in my house who pursues celebrities/models(like me) trying to take a candid photographs of them to sell to newspapers or even magazines, in short, Paparazzi.

I love them as what they did. I feel so lucky because of these. 

But the fate seems to be playful. I'm seriously inlove with this Man. And the awful thing is, HE doesn't loves me. HE doesn't care about my feelings. HE hates me. HE is just an ordinary guy , but still, I'm inlove with HIM. And I don't know WHY! Hindi siya sikat para supladuhan ako! Ako lang sikat dito! (hello?nasa One direction kaya yun!)

You Zayn Malik. I'll do everything just to make you mine.