Teaser 4

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Once Again, Rose found herself in some strange place. This time there was simply nothing. A black space, void of anything.

                “They will come soon. They will come and they will change everything. Death. Destruction. Disorder. Only you can save them.”

                She turned slowly in a circle looking for the source of the melodic whispers. “Save who?”

                “The horde Rose. You are their only chance.”

                “What must I do?” Rose’s voice was frantic.

                “You will know when it is time. You must tell the one you trust most.”

                “Tell him what?!” Rose growled in frustration.

                “Twenty four will leave, only two will see this story to its very end.”

                “That doesn’t make any sense!” Rose spat as she thumped her tail down.

                “Twenty four will leave to search for Xosha. Twenty-three will touch its shores. Two will see the story to the end. Prepare yourself Chosen One. Guard your heart from the devastation that is to come.”

                “Stop speaking in riddles!” Rose roared.

                “Not all allies are friends, not all friends are true, and some enemies will in turn be your greatest allies…”

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