Teaser 2

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He had been floating for a few hours, the hot spring was his favorite place to be, especially when it was empty. He never saw the black tail snake around his foot, but he felt the tug that yanked him under the water’s surface.

He came up sputtering and gasping for air, and it took him a few minutes to hear the melodic laughter coming from the female beside him.

“Obsidian!” Pyre exclaimed in shock.

She let her sleek ebony frame float over to him as she continued to giggle. “I’m sorry Pyre. But that was just too easy!”

He huffed and turned his back to her as his tail swished angrily.

Obsidian swam up beside him and wrapped her tail with his before placing a soft lick to the corner of his maw. “Aww Pyre, don’t be such a sour puss.. Though I must say, you’re kinda cute when you pout.”

“Hmmpf!” Was all Pyre replied as he drifted away from her.

“You better not be breaking up with me, Pyre Drakul!” Obsidian called, a hint of actual panic laced in her voice.

It was his turn to chuckle. “I’m angry, not stupid Sidian.”

He glided back over to her and nipped her neck softly. “Have you seen Ocee today?”

Obsidian’s gaze narrowed. “Are you stalking that freak of nature again? You know everyone’s talking about your dad taking her in and raising her. When he finds out about Oceanus entwining tails with her by the Opal Mountains I bet he gives her the boot from the horde like he should have to begin with.”

Pyre’s emotions were conflicted. It was his fault Rose had lived and had been raised by his family. No one but his family knew, and he really wanted to keep it that way. “I didn’t ask about the freak Sid.. I just wanted to give Ocee his hatch day gift.”

The sound of laughter drifted over to them growing louder by the second. Obsidian’s voice dropped, but the venom of her words was still thick. “Let’s go.. The water’s about to be contaminated…”

As Pyre followed Obsidian out of the hot spring, he had to wonder if she was only letting him court her in some lame attempt to make Oceanus jealous. He also wondered if she noticed that Oceanus saw nothing when he was with Rose except for the alabaster scales of his adopted sibling.

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