Teaser 1

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               He had always been told it was dangerous to fly too close to the gateway, and so he landed several yards away from where the ground and mountains started to fade into the nothingness beyond.

He found it odd that the hatchling made no noise. No whimpers or cries for its mother’s warmth. When he found her, he understood why.

“Oh no…” He ran the rest of the way to the small hatchling. Her scales were no longer white, they were tinged pink as her blood pooled under and over her. Her underbelly was bruised, and the small hatchling was still.

Pyre let his body curl around the small dragonette lending her his warmth as he waited for his brother and father.

The wait was longer than he would have wanted. It was a chilly night and sleep had beckoned to Pyre’s young body. He had dozed off curled around the hatchling, one wing draped over it, concealing it completely.

“Pyre…” Toqu’s rough whisper instantly roused the whelp from his nap.

“Father.. I’m sorry, we couldn’t sleep so we can out here and we heard her parents and…” Pyre mumbled sleepily.

Toqu nodded. “I know. Oceanus told me. Let me see her, son.”

Pyre reluctantly stood up and moved away from the small dragonette who immediately started to shiver as soon as Pyre’s warmth was removed.

Oceanus growled low in his throat. “We can’t let them get away with this father! This is wrong. She was new and innocent!”

“Relax Oceanus. They will be disciplined for this travesty. We’ll take her home with us and we’ll keep her safe.” Toqu stated.

“I bet they didn’t even give her a name. They just looked at her and threw her away…” Oceanus hissed.

“Then give her a name.” Toqu chuckled.

Before Oceanus could open his mouth, Pyre did. “Rose. It’s kinda morbid but the way her scales are stained makes them look like rose quartz. Can we name her Rose, father?”

Toqu nodded. “I think that’s a wonderful name for her Pyre…”

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