Chapter 4

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"On your knees, Mino," says the voice behind me, the arrow still pushed into my back.

A smile tugs at my lips.

"Happily for you, Crystal, my love, though perhaps we should go on a date or something first – you know, before you have me propose."

The cupid behind me kicks the backs of my legs and I fall on my knees to the cobbled ground. The wall on one side of the narrow street scrapes my shoulder. Just ahead I can see the body of the woman that she thinks I have killed.

"What have you done, Mino?" she says sharply. "I should have killed you when I had the chance, back when I had the sword that could kill you."

It begins to rain, and the damp smell in the air mixes with her scent of burnt sugar and vanilla. I inhale deeply, breathing it in.

"Perhaps. But you didn't, despite the fact you knew exactly what I am."

She digs the arrow further into my back. I stare straight ahead, unmoving.

"So, my love, what are you going to do now?" I say.

"I'm taking you back to the Cupids Matchmaking Service, you know that."

I raise my hands in the air, showing her my surrender. She decreases the pressure digging into my back slightly. Tentatively I turn, still on my knees, and look up at her.

She's wearing a long, blue dress, drawn in at the waist. Her blonde hair is pinned immaculately on top of her head, though the raindrops have begun to dampen it, and her blue eyes burn into mine. She keeps her black arrow pointed at my chest.

"I thought you were heading to the LA branch, now you have that special arrow of yours," I say. "Not that I'm not thrilled to see you, of course."

I give her my most winning smile which is met with a dead pan expression.

"I decided to stick around for a while. I didn't think you were the real Ripper. It seems you've proved me wrong."

"Hmm, yes, well, about that...I do have a proposal for you," I say.

She raises an eyebrow drily.

"Well you're in a good place to make it, I suppose."

I grin then put my hand into my pocket, pull out the slip of paper left by the doctor, and cup it in my hands. I raise them up.

"Crystal, will you..."

Alarm flickers across her features. My grin widens.

"...accept this..."

I pause, the cobbled stones digging into my knees.

"...clue as to who the real ripper is?!"

I un-cup my hands revealing the business card. She glowers at me and snatches it with her free hand.

"You're intolerable, you know that?"

She reads it and a frown crosses her face. She flicks her eyes towards my face, confusion swimming in those big pools of blue.

"A military base in Whitechapel?"

"Myths have been going missing, Crystal," I say, tilting my head up at her and feeling the raindrops wash down my face. "A young fellow named Remus disappeared a few nights ago..."

She frowns and something unreadable crosses her expression. Something that makes me think she knows something about it.

"One of the wolf boys," she mutters.

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