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He was my best friend. My brother. My lover.

So, how did we end up here? With my sword through his chest, and his blood on my hands?

The question repeated in my mind, over and over, as Thorne’s lithe frame lay against me, and I listened to his heart beat for the final time.

A broken sigh slipped from my lips as I ran my fingers through his cascades of mud colored silk for the last time.

My lips pressed to his unresponsive ones in a soft kiss, as I braced my left hand on his back and tilted him gently back. It didn’t stop his head from falling back and lolling to the side. My right hand, still gripping Demon’s hilt, jerked back and ripped the blade from his chest.

“There will be no others… Wait for me, Thorne…” I whispered to no one as I laid his body on the throne room floor.

I looked at Demon; the sentient blade created from the vilest rulers of Shai’Pyre, and cursed its existence already knowing that even in the afterlife, I’d never see Thorne again, since the sword lived off the souls of its unfortunate victims.

I narrowed a glare to the blade as I ran my hand over its length, converting it from the sword known as Demon into the crimson scepter called Slainte that was the weapon’s chosen shape for me.

Not a tear had fallen. I’d killed him in cold blood and had not a single tear even cloud my vision. My heart was hollow though. I was sure I’d never feel anything again.

Turning my amber gaze to the tall blonde female and the attractive dark haired, almost elven, male at her side, I spat, “Is that enough proof of my loyalty to you, She’bali?”

I shoved passed them and left them to deal with their son’s broken body. I would be able to wash the blood off my hands, off my body; but his final words, the memory of the look of betrayal in his eyes, would never leave my memory; or my heart.

       Like my grandmother, Macayla, I suffered from the curse of Drakul. A life of immortality, and a trail of blood…

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