Scott's Little Sister (Stiles Stilinski story)

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Being the twin sister of Scott Mccall has its perks. Its always Stiles, Scott and myself. But one day change the night before junior year.

Let me introduce myself im Kylie Mccall. Im 16, 5'4 and have brown hair. My bestfriends are Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin. I live with my mom Melissa Mccall and my brother. I love them to death they are always there for me. I have one secret i have a crush, its none other than.......... Stiles Stilinski.

Kylies POV

I was getting ready for the first day of school tommorow. Today i spent all day shopping with Lydia, needless to say Lydia and I will have an outfit for everyday of the year. Lets hope mom wont find out how much money i spent. I started to think what was i ganna wear tommorow when all of a sudden i hear a noise downstairs. I walk to my closet and grab my bat.

When i get downstairs i see Scott with non other than Stiles. Why am i not suprised.

"What are you guys doing" I ask Scott and Stiles while lowering my bat."Talking" they both say. Yeah right. "So what are u guys talking about " Stiles is the first to reply "My dad just left he got a call they found a half a dead body and you Scott and myself are ganna go look for it" "Uhh fine let me get some shoes and a sweater" and with that i left upstairs.  This is a bad idea.

Stiles POV

I watched as Kylie left the living room,when i turned back Scott was watching me "What?" I asked. "You like my sister". "I-I have no idea what your talking about" I reply. "A dog can notice that you like her just ask her out already" Scott replied. "Yeah what am i ganna say oh hey Kylie I like you, you wanna - but was cut off by someone running down the stairs Kylie. "So u ready to go" Kylie asked looking at Scott and myself.

Kylie's POV

As i get in the backseat of Stiles jeep I knew this was ganna be a long night.

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