Chapter 3

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"Let me get this straight," Eliza said, resting her head on the wall. "Those guys ambushed you 'cause you humiliated one of them?"

"Kinda..." Bianca scratched her chin and showed an awkward smile.

Eliza picked up at the same time. "What did you do?"

"Well... To be more precise, if you really need, I beat the crap out of him in front of his friends and family during his belt graduation." Eliza noticed the redhead had no regret in her voice at all.

The girl imagined Bianca fighting one of those faceless guys in the middle of a crowd cheering for him. Though she knew nothing about her, Eliza could see the redhead doing that with a smile on her face. But there's something off, she knew. "And why you did that?"

"He cheated on my friend." The smile was gone from her lips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "And that wasn't all. He also cheated on a lot of girls. That idiot pissed me off so I regret nothing." She laughed, the anger gone from her face, and spun on the wheelchair on Eliza's bedroom, happy as a kid proud of her accomplishments.

After they agreed to talk, Bianca suggested a coffee shop or a restaurant nearby, but Eliza rejected the idea. She doubted the conversation who reach around her powers, and even though she would hardly say anything, the girl would rather not talk in public. Besides, she also didn't want people seeing her together with the most popular girl in school. I won't change anything, but I'd rather avoid the headache, she thought at the time.

In the end, Eliza suggested her bedroom, where she felt safer and would have a sort of advantage. For some reason, when she said that, Bianca giggled and blushed, but agreed right away, mumbling too soon, but if it's you, I don't mind get to know you better there.

"I bet you never thought I did that kind of thing, right?" Bianca asked, dragging the chair closer to the bed, staring Eliza with wide and sparkling eyes. "It sort of deviates a little from my reputation."

The girl couldn't help but laugh. It had been so long since she laughed like that it was strange, but Eliza felt lighter when she stopped. "Yeah, let's say a little. But aren't you worried? I mean, with your parents, that's kinda..."

Bianca closed her eyes, pressed her lips and shook her head, moving the index finger from side to side at the same time. "No, no, no. It's my turn now."

They arrived at Eliza's house and went to the bedroom. After a moment of Bianca observing the room and making little comments here and there, the girl began questioning with no ceremony.

The redhead answered the first question with no problem, but when Eliza pressed for the second answer, Bianca refused to answer, saying it was her turn to ask.

"Then ask," Eliza said, sighing in annoyance.

"Tell me," Bianca said, suddenly serious. "How did you see the guy with the bat?"

So she's finally asking, Eliza thought, pressing her lips. The redhead's questions so far were nothing but meaningless stuff. Thing like what Eliza liked, how her relationship with her parents was, if she had a boyfriend or someone she liked. Because she saw no reason to lie, Eliza answered honestly, but it was so strange she used a question to know why Bianca was interested in that.

The redhead said that it was the beginning of their relationship.

Eliza moved her tongue on her teeth, thinking. "I saw one of them lurking in with it," she said in the end, telling the truth without telling all. She didn't want to lie to Bianca, but she had no desire to reveal her powers to the redhead. If we knew each other more... wait, why am I starting to sound like her now?

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