#2 Twin Obsessions

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"My God, she's even more beautiful than I thought she would be." Nauti said softly as he stood in his brother’s office, staring at Jesse from the small opening of the shutters which overlooked her desk. She was busy talking to someone over the telephone, her face set in a cool expression while her long slender fingers flew over the computer's keyboard. He got hard almost instantly as he thought about those fingers wrapping themselves around him working him to a quick, furious release. 

Devlish smiled in amusement when his twin reached down and adjusted himself without taking his eyes off of his secretary. He knew what effect she was having on his twin because, not only did he feel it like a backdrop in his own mind where he and his twin were connected, but also knew from firsthand experience how her smallest movement can make him painfully hard.

From the first moment she had walked into his office she had had that effect on him. 

Her small voluptuous figure covered primly in a black skirt suit while her shapely legs, which had looked miles long with the dainty open-toed sandal heels, were left uncovered for his inspection. Her long blond hair tied in a no-nonsense bun and the warm bright smile she had greeted him with had not reached her cool large brown eyes. 

That was what had sparked his interest in her.

The fact that she did not throw herself at him or act anything but professional during their fifteen minute interview, unlike the females before her who all but wanted to crawl into his pants the second they had set eyes on him. It had been so damn refreshing that he had almost hired her right there on the spot but if he had to be completely honest he would have to say that the fact that she had realized that he had been needing a large, strong cup of coffee after a whole morning of strenuous interviews, without him even needing to tell her and then proceeding to make the best cup of coffee he had ever had in his whole life, had definitely helped to secure her the spot as being his secretary. 

Which reminded him . . .  

"Wait until you taste her coffee and home-made biscuits." Devlish told his brother. 

"You mean she bakes?" Nauti asked in surprise as he forced himself to tear his eyes away from Jesse and look at his brother in disbelief.

Devlish nodded and motioned for his brother to sit. 

"The best damned confections you've ever tasted in your life. Nothing like Mother’s." He informed Nauti when he sat; shuddering mentally as he thought of the first and only time their mother had attempted to make something for them. Not only had he and Nauti, who had unfortunately been her little testers, been sick for almost a week but the whole kitchen had had to be redone since she had somehow managed make the stove explode.

Their fathers had refused to let her anywhere close to the kitchen after that.

Nauti groaned in pure ecstasy as he took a bite of the cookie he grabbed from the plate in front of him and Devlish knew that he was a tiny step closer to falling for the woman who he himself had fallen for so hard and fast. 

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