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PLEASE READ (if u don't ill cry)

hey guys! so recently this book hit one millions reads, which is absolutely huge and astonishing, and i'd being lying if i wasn't on the verge of tears. but obviously the only reason i was able to reach that number was thanks to you all. the readers.

as a thanks, i wanted to do something for you guys. obviously i can't do a give away or give all of you a gazillion dollars. however, i came up with an idea.


1. come up with a chapter, scene, or idea you would like to see take place in this book. (ex. aurora and adeline go on a huge spa trip to maldives, but obviously something more interesting and descriptive than that)). it can be something small or something that remains for the entire book.

2. comment a short summary of your idea to this paragraph (the inline) or you can private message me it.

3. on friday, may 5th, i will pick my favorite idea, and private message the user. i will ask more questions about the idea, and let them divulge into their idea more. if they want they can even right a few paragraphs that i will embed into to the chapter(s) inspired by the idea. then i will write a chapter or more about the proposed idea and sew into the plot.

4. the winning idea will receive:

                 a. the events described in number 3.

                  b. a follow from moi (is this narcissistic? lmk)

                  c. dedication for the chapter(s).

                 d. mention in the summary of the book.

                 e. votes and comments on your book if you have one.

                 f. and any request you want me to fulfill (as long as it is logical and feasible).

5. there will be one or two runner ups, depending on what happens. they will receive:

                  a. a minor character named after them.

                  b. votes and comments on a book if they have one.

6. if you have ay questions feel free to ask. you don't have to follow me, vote or comment on anything, all you have to do is comment your idea :)

anyway, enjoy the chapter        

kind of sucky tho don't kill me

Aurora walked through the halls in a mind daze. It had been a week since she learned that she needed to fall in love with Blaze, and still, for the size of her brain, she hadn't wrapped her head around the absurd idea.

The past week had felt as if it didn't exist. Aurora stopped smiling. She stopped making small talk with the other pack members who were starting to warm up to her. She even wouldn't visit Max when he promptly same knocking on her door. Something he wasn't allowed to do, but still did.

Eventually Max stopped coming, and people stopped smiling at Aurora.

Aurora hadn't seen Blaze since the day of their steamy encounter, and she wasn't planning on doing so anytime soon. As far as she knew Blaze had no idea of her current life expectancy, and Aurora was fine with that.

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