Leo x reader ~Stupid Things~

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It was just another cloudless starry night in New York.  You were having dinner with the four turtles, April and Master Splinter.

"Donatello, please serve the food." Splinter demanded as he joined everyone .
"Hai sensei." answered the purple masked  turtle and put the two large pizza boxes on the table.

You all ate while talking about the mission to save Karai. Well, the others were talking about it. You weren't very fond of Karai. Maybe because people like April were the type of people you tended to like or because of your major crush on Leo.

The leader was very nervous tonight. He would go in detail about the rescue plan or look at anyone but you.

How more obvious can it be that he still  likes her? you thought sighing.

"Sensei, may I go?" you asked out of the blue.

Everyone looked at you. Leo put his slice down.

"Yes... and no."
"You may leave the table. But until the mission is complete it wiser you stay with us in the sewers."
"Fine." you replied quickly and stood up.

You went in an empty room. There was an old bed and a scratched desk in it. You sat on the bed and the thoughts started to fill your mind.

Perhaps its the right time you move on. Leonardo is clearly  not into you, and you keep holding your breath when you hear his name, laugh loudly at his jokes, blush when he looks at you. But, should you give him a chance to prove that Karai means nothing special to him? He's a godamn mutant turtle, aren't things complicated enough since you like him so much?

"Y/N?" Raph's voice sounded soft behind the closed door.
"Uh, yes?"

The turtle came in.

"Are you ok?" he asked.
"Do I look ok?"
"Nah..." he tried to sound amusing.

You invited him to sit next to you.

"You know, Leo got over her."

You jumped.

"How do you know?"
"Because he never talks about her like he used to."
"No Raph. How do you know I care about Leonardo?"
"Oh..." Raph smiled "It is not obvious, don't worry. I just can't help but notice than when we do sparring in front of you Leo literally tries to kill me, and that you try to like Space Heroes when he is around."

You giggled without intention and Raph smiled.

Leo was excused by sensei also. He searched the rooms one by one to find the one you were in.

He knew where to look when he heard Raphael's voice. The door his hearing led him to was closed, so he basically stood outside of the room confused.

"You should give people chances. Even when you know, its about mutants and not people."

You laughed and promised you would.
Leo heard you. Although nothing was proving that he was talking about himself, Leo couldn't take what he heard of his mind for the whole night.

Now, you were waiting with sensei and April for the boys to come back from the mission. Although you didn't like Karai, he was Master Splinter's daughter. You would have to accept her... even though it meant accepting Leonardo's feelings for her.

Muffled voices brought you back to reality. Donnie came in, followed by Raph, Mikey, Leo... and Karai.

You smiled at his sight, forgetting about the girl behind him. You stepped forward. Yes, you would go straight to him and hug him tight. You really would.

But then he kissed her. He just twisted his head and gave her a kiss on her lips.

Your jaw dropped. Raph immediently looked at you. April did too. You blinked quickly to avoid tears and walked outside.

No dramatic exits or slamming doors. You just walked away. Somewhere deep inside you, you were proud that you didn't lose it at that moment.

"Was this a joke?" Karai asked Leonardo back in the sewers.
"I didn't mean it." the turtle quickly replied.
"I know you didn't. First of all we talked about this before, and agreed to stay friends
Plus, the one who you should really be kissing just exited the sewers."

Leo knew she was right. He nodded.

Raph punched him. Everyone looked at the scene silently, even Master Splinter didn't say a word.

"And don't you dare to ask me what was that for." the red masked turtle warned his brother.

Leo lowered his head.

"Should I go after-"
"OF YOURSE YOU SHOULD!" Raph screamed.

Leonardo took off. He ran outside to find you, even though he didn't have any excuses for his actions. He just did it because of what he heard.

You were running and running. You have left your real house months ago and have been living with April ever  since. So there was no actual place to run to.

Two guys suddenly stood in front of you. The Purple Dragons.

"Not in the mood." you said clenching your teeth.
"Such a pleasure to see you too Y/N How are your friends the green armoured  lizards?" said the skinnier one.

You punched his jaw. After his loud fall to the concrete sidewalk, his partner pulled out a mini knife.

He barely touched you before you kicked his palm. As a result, the knife flew in the air and and fell on the ground. You got firsts in your stomach twice before finding the strength to knock him down.

"Y/N!!!" Leo's voice ringed in your ears.

The two men stood up, and ran away at the sight of Leonardo. After that, the turtle faced you full of worry.

"Did you just knocked them d-"

A punch of yours crushed on Leonardo's cheek.

"What are you doi-"

You kicked him hard. And then hit his shell. And punched his body.
Inevitably, the turtle started defending himself. It was extra difficult to be in a fight where he did not want to hurt his opponent.

"COULD YOU STOP?!" he yelled avoiding your first with a backflip.
"Y/N....Please, fight me no more."

It happened quickly. You froze by his soft pleading voice. Leonardo took your arms and pinned you down to the ground. He lied on top of you to block any other attacks.

"WHY DID YOU RAN AFTER ME?" you yelled at him, having Leo a few inches from your face.
"I KNOW I AM SORRY! IT WAS STUPID!" he screamed still laying on top of your body.

Silence filled the scene. You were breathing heavily on each others face. Leonardo had his arms on yours, above your head. Your E/C eyes were trapped into his. His blue mask was captivating, it was so complimenting his face.

"What?" his voice was almost muted.

You turned your face to the side so you wouldn't get to see his surprised face.

"Kiss me." he whispered.
"Kiss me, Y/N"
"Nope." you whispered back facing him once again. "You do it, Leonardo."

Without saying anything more, he moved his arms to your waist, as you lowered yours to hold him also. You  both flipped, and now being on top, you slowly removed his mask. His tongue explored your mouth sofltly, before the kiss became faster and hotter. The masculine arms of his were now placed on your neck and back, travelling up and down. After a good amount of time, you reopened your before closed eyes.

"I really really like you." Leonardo told you smiling cutely.

You stood up taking your time. Then, after Leo stood on his feet as well, you grabbed his left hand. The smile on your face was the brightest the turtle had ever laid his eyes on.

"Take me to your bedroom, Leonardo."

The turtle started running all of a sudden while holding on to you.

"Why are we running?" you asked laughing.
"I don't wanna miss a second of what you have in mind. Come on, will you hurry?!" he answered with a beautiful smile.

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