Raph x reader ~Self Defence Training~

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Raphael has always been a little over protective of you but it was his own way of saying he cared.  He secretly had a crush on you almost the moment you two met a few months back.  Ever since then, you've been coming over to the lair a few times a week and you've gotten pretty close to all of the turtles including Master Splinter.  Raphael didn't know it but you had a crush on him as well.  You honestly loved spending time with him even when he had one his tantrums.  When he asked you if you wanted to learn a few self defense techniques and of course you said yes.  For the past week, he took it upon himself to teach you a few self defense moves.

You two currently had the dojo to yourselves while Michelangelo and Leonardo played video games in the living room, Donatello was busy working on the shellraiser, and Master Splinter was in his room meditating.  Raphael stood a few feet in front of you as he began today's lesson. 

"Ok, let's say you're walking home an then the Purple dragons come out, what do you do?"  Raph asked.

"Umm...I would look for something to attack with," you replied.

Raphael nodded in approval, "Good, but what if you didn't have anything around?"

You thought about it, "I would use my fists and add a few kicks."

"Right, and can you name the weak points on the human body?"

"Face, neck, and groin," you listed aloud.

"Right, but those are your primary targets, if you can't get to those you can also go for the abdomen, knee, shin, or foot.  Let's try this as an example," Raphael said as he stood close behind you and got a firm yet gently grip on your arms holding them back.

"Try to escape from this," Raph said. 

At first you couldn't get a good maneuver out of the position you were in.  You blushed as you felt his warm breath against your neck and it didn't help that his body was pressed against yours either.  You moved around a bit more until you struck one of his toes with your foot hard enough to get a reaction but not hard enough to cause a lot of pain.  The red-clad turtle winced and loosened his grip on your arms.  You released yourself from his grasp and hooked your foot around his leg causing him to fall on his side.  He rolled over to one side and looked up at you with those bright green eyes that make you blush almost every time.

"Very good, but you forgot one little thing," Raphael said.

You tilted your head to one side, "Oh and what's that?"

"I could do this," he said as he grabbed your ankle and quickly pulled you down onto the floor.

"Oww," you hissed as you landed on your side.

Raphael sat himself up, "When you have your opponent on the ground you can either run or give yourself some distance between you two."

You sat up, "I'll definitely remember that next time."

"One more thing, in here this is practice, out there it won't be easy but at least you can get out of a situation until you can get help or come to me-I mean us for help," Raphael flushed for a second.

You giggled, "Got it Raph."

You gave the red-clad turtle a playful shove then he responded to that with another harder shove.  Then you tackled him and you two rolled around on the floor for a while until you were on top of him laughing.

"Ha! Got ya!"  You laughed as you looked down on him.

Raphael smirked, "Is that right?" 

Suddenly Raphael flipped you over so he was now on top of you while he let out a victory laugh of his own.

"Got ya," Raphael said as he looked down on you.

You didn't reply but you grinned instead, Raphael raised a bow wondering what you were up to this time.  He leaned in closer looking into your (colored) eyes with his bright green eyes.  You blushed seeing how close you two were to each other's faces.  Then you thrust your head forward and kissed him on the lips.  Raphael blinked twice and returned the kiss with full passion.  You moaned against his mouth and slowly wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him closer.  After about a minute of lip lock, you both pulled away for air he leaned his forehead down onto yours.  

"You're not gonna actually try that on anybody are you?"  Raphael asked.

"No, just you," you smiled.

"Good," he said before kissing you.

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