HEY my lovely carrots and potatoes. This is not an update sorrs. But i need more ship names I want to do atop five for Felix and Mia and a top five for Marcus and Jordan. S I want t give a shout out to 2 girls since they are the only ones who gave ship names. First we need to say thanks to @AndreaFifer and @JessicaJacoby. If you do put one and i like it it will end up on here. AND guys please comment i get afraid that you dont like my book when you dont. And ifyou dont like put why.

Jordan And Marcus                                                  Felix and Mia

1. Mardon                                                                    1.Felia

2. Jorcus                                                                     2.Melix

3.Jordacus                                                                     3.Fia



So once all five get put up i will have you vote. I will just come back here and put it up so make sure to reread this chappie every now and then. BYERS!!I LOVE YOUUU MUAH!!!! I WILL SEE YOU SOON. REMBER DO YOUR BEST TO HELP FILL THIS UP THE FASTER SHIP NAMES COME THE FASTER COMMENTS.

So I want to re update this cuz i have some new comments this shout out goes to @AkemiBlack and @magdelenaskye. Only two stops left guys.

And another shout out to @laceyfrank2000.We only have 3 spots left.

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