Part 25*

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Shravan looks at his phone and finds a text from Aditya.

Shravan: Guys, part 3 is a success. (smirking)

Shravan reads out Aditya's text.

Aditya's text: I told you Shravan, I will never let her become your's! Just wait and watch, I will steal her from you and make her mine. Got that Mr. Shravan Malhotra! Suman is mine. Also I will be sure to invite you to my wedding.  Oh sorry, our wedding.  Suman weds Aditya! 

Shravan fist his hands in anger just and the thought.  Shivers run down his spine imagining the scene.  He feels a soft hand take his rough ones in.  His hand relaxes as do his emotions.

Sumo: Shravan, this is all a game. A game and nothing more. I am your's and nobody can separate us now.    

Shravan: (worried) Sumo, what if he--------

Sumo: He won't do anything, and even if he does, I am not scared.  Because I have you by my side. I trust you Shravan.  Tomorrow this will all be over.

Shravan: What should I say to him? Should I reply? 

Pushkar: We never thought about this part! What do we respond with? If we say nothing at all he might get suspicious.

Preeti: But if we say something too much, he might get suspicious too. 

Shravan: So what do we do? 

Sumo takes Shravan's phone out of his hands and writes a reply to Aditya.

Shravan's text: I will win her back. 

Aditya quickly types out a message and send it over.

Aditya's text: I will beat you to her.  And plus, she doesn't even want to see your face.

Shravan's text: Let the best man win.

Pushkar: Sumo stop texting him! (taking the phone from her hands)

Preeti: But the messages are good! He can't be onto us now!

Shravan: Everything is under control. At least for now! 

Malhotra Mansion: 

Everyone at the Malhotra Mansion is going about with their normal lives. Kamini was over joyed to hear that the entire Malhotra business was being handed over to Puhskar. But at the same time she felt bad for Shravan. Also Ramnath and Nirmala, were doing much better with each other.

In Ramnath's room.

Ramnath: Nirmala, thank you for staying here. After everything that I did to you, you staying here means a lot to me.

Nirmala: Ram please. We both drove each other apart.  We both forgot that we had a son who need two parents, not just one.  

Ramnath: I ruined his life. (disappointed)

Nirmala: I ruined it too Ram. Everything that Shravan said was true.  I could have come back. I could have fought for him and I could have told him the truth. But all I cared about was my ego, so I left. I left him here.

Ramnath: I am sorry Nirmala, I am responsible for all of this.

Nrimala: We both are.  We should have worked something out. We should have compromised. For Shravan, but neither of us did.  And even if I would have taken Shravan with me, nothing would be different. A child needs and mother and a father. 

Ramnath: And today, Shravan believes that he has no one.

Nirmala: He had Suman. And I know that she won't let him fall.

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