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Taehyung walked through the crowded hallways. People would look at him with weird looks as he passed them. When he reached his class, Jungkook already waited for him there. Jeon Jungkook had always seen Taehyung as his target. He was his prey, and he was a predator. He thought he was an easy target seeing as he couldn't stand up for himself or say anything to the professors.

"Hey Mute, how was your day?" Asked Jungkook with a smirk as he leaned against the doorway, "sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you."

Taehyung only looked at him with an expressionless face. He was used to being picked on. He had always made the perfect punching bag.

"Are you preparing for the Battle of the Bands? Perhaps you could compete, you know, sing in front of everyone. Oh wait, you can't"

Most of the time, Taehyung thought, How is that supposed to be funny or offensive? Should i be offended? Taehyung believed Jungkook was not good at insults. He just did anything and everything to keep up his reputation by bullying the school's mute. What better than to bully the one and only person who can't say anything back?

Taehyung brushed past Jungkook to enter his class, but Jungkook gripped his shoulder hard and roughly pushed him to the wall.

"Don't do that ever again, mute, you know i dont appreciate being ignored. I know you can't help but ignore me, but you need to understand one thing. Don't walk past me or you'll regret it more than your very existence." He growled before pushing him back hard and walking away.

Taehyung just stared as he walked away and walked into class. He sat in the farthest seat in the very back to avoid any more conflicts. Yes, Jungkook was the only one that bullied him, but that didn't mean that people just chose to ignore him. No, they made comments on him being mute or laugh at when Jungkook bullied him. The teachers always gave him a sheet explaining everything they would be learning that day and how. They just ignored him and focused on everyone else. This allowed Taehyung to listen to music or even fall asleep.

Class was over and he had a free period. He liked to just walk around the school while listening to music or be in the music room where he played the piano, saxophone, and the violin. He would also go outside on the stands in front of the field and write. He like to write songs.

Taehyung sat on the stands today, he was thinking of the day. His mind drifted to what Jungkook had said to him earlier that day. He's seen the posters for the Battle of the Bands all over the school. Today, however, there was a new one. BTS was looking for a new member. Taehyung loved BTS, excluding the fact that Jungkook was in the group, he though of auditioning. Everyone would know if he did, they'd find out his secret. The members could get close to him, he would trust them and spill all his secrets. Only one person knew everything about him, the real Kim Taehyung. That was Kim Namjoon - also known as Rap Monster, leader of BTS - who was his best friend, and his second friend out of, well, two. Taehyung knew all the risks, but he made up his mind as he sat on the stands. He was going to audition.

The bell rings signaling the end his free period and he goes to his next class.


Kim Namjoon was holding the auditions after school, and everyone was looking forward to them, no matter if they were trying out or not. Everyone loved BTS, who didn't? Kim Taehyung was one of those who was auditioning. He was going to hide, though, so no one would see him. All the members were going to be there so they can all agree on who will be in. It was the end of the day and people lined outside of room B013 where tryouts would be held. One by one they went in and out. It was about two hours or so long when they were done. All the members, but Namjoon, had gone home. Taehyung took his chance and he auditioned.

About a week after, it had been announced that they came to a final decision, but the new member will be concealed until the day they go up. The thing is, only Namjoon knew, the other six members didn't so they were anxious to know. They tried to bribe it out of him. Seokjin made him breakfast, packed him lunch, and made him dinner. All hoping he would get it out of him. Didn't work. They all tried, well, all but Yoongi. All he did was sleep during his spare time. One day, they all were at home watching some game. As Yoongi slept and Namjoon watched the game, the four members had been staring intently at Namjoon, making him uncomfortable. Jungkook had already given up after a day, he saw there was no getting information from Namjoon any time soon.

"Just stop already, he wont break. Just wait till we go perform." said Jungkook out loud.

"Fine," said Jimin.

"How will they learn the choreography? Do they know their parts?" said Hoseok.

"I'm teaching him what he needs to know," replied Namjoon.

"Oh it's a guy!" exclaimed Jin.

"What's he like?" asked Jimin.

Jungkook had put his phone down and was now listening to the conversation to learn more of the mysterious new member.

"He can be very shy, but he's a jokester once you get to know him. He plays the violin, saxophone, and piano. he writes his own songs, too. His voice is deep and it's amazing when he hits high notes. He's closed in, doesn't really talk unless you're close with him. Once he gets used to you guys, he'll open up to you all. He's really passionate of the things he loves. When he listens to music and a song he really loves comes on, he dances and makes funny facial expressions. He's amazing. I know all this because he's one of my best friends, and no, I didn't choose him because of our friendship, but because of his talent. he was better than all the others in my opinion."

"I want to meet him now!" said Jimin and Hoseok at the same time.

"Just wait one more week. You'll meet him that morning so we can all practice just the choreography, no singing yet."

"Alright," said Jin, "Oh! What does he look like?"

"He has brown hair with some green in it, he has a box-like smile. His laugh is amazing but he hides it, just like his voice."

"He sounds interesting," said Jungkook.

"Oh, he is." said Namjoon, with a grin.

"Is he single?" asked Jungkook with a playful grin.

"Sadly, yes. Stay away, I don't want you hurting him. You're like an international playboy." said Namjoon.

"Hmm, I was starting to think you wanted him all to yourself," said Jungkook.

"No, he's my best friend, like a younger brother."

"Now that I think of it, how old is he, anyway?" asked Hoseok.

"He will be second youngest. He's 20- well turning 20 this year," said Namjoon.

"Yay a new maknae!" said Jin with a bright smile.

"When you meet him, please don't judge him right away. Give him a chance," Said Namjoon in a sad tone.

"We'd never, we promise. We'll give the guy a chance," Jimin said.

"I'm hungry," said Jin.

"You always are, now shut up I'm trying to sleep," said Yoongi from across the room from the couch he laid on, taking the others by surprise.


How's that for a first chapter? They won't be as long I think, who knows. Anyways, I'll update as soon as I can. Some chapters may be just poems or song lyrics that Taehyung writes based on his emotions.

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