Daddy |Part two|

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"Oh Daddy, your words, they're so beautiful, thank you," I whispered, and then added, "You're the only man I'll ever love," while pressing myself urgently into him as my lips hungrily sought his, wanting him now to recognize the new me, wanting him to feel as I, wanting him to grasp that we were destined to be joined in every way.

I could feel a shiver of excitement tremor through his body as our tongues met and explored and couldn't help but feel the sudden hardening, lengthening, against my stomach.

"Sweetie!" Daddy gasped as he pulled back from me, confusion and desire dueling on his face.

After spinning in his arms, I ended up facing away from Daddy, my firm bum pushed back against his erection, his hands suddenly full of my breasts. For just a millisecond I felt his fingers caress me, squeeze me, before he dropped them as if they were on fire, mumbling, "Oh Jesus Steff, I'm sorry, I didn't.."

"Can you attach them Daddy," I asked, ignoring his apology as I slipped the pearls into his left hand and leaned back against his chest.

"Of course honey," he said eagerly, clearly glad to have something innocent to do, relieved that I hadn't seemed to notice his furtive touch.

His hands were like satin as they moved over my shoulders and gently caressed my neck as he lifted my long blond curls to bare me for his ring of pearls. I could feel his breath on my ear as he slowly opened the clasp but then let one end slip free, allowing the cool, white balls to cascade down across my chest and between my heaving breasts.

"Oh Daddy, they're cold and they tickle me," I complained with a giggle and then lifted the top of my dress away from my body, pretending I wanted to see the string of balls swinging between my tits, knowing Daddy would see my full breasts, my now straining nipples as he slowly pulled the strand upward.

"Sorry honey, I'm a real butterfingers tonight," he answered lightly when he finally retrieved the end and joined the clasp behind my neck. But I could feel Daddy's excitement throbbing into the crack of my rear and knew he was feeling the same emotions and desires that were exploding inside of me.

"They're beautiful," I sang as I danced away from him and into my room, my song of joy a reflection of the happiness I felt at finding my life partner, my lover, my only future.

"Look at the pearls Daddy," I yelled laughing as I continued to dance in front of my mirror. As Daddy walked up behind me and watched me bemusedly in the mirror, I suddenly slipped the spaghetti thin straps off my shoulders and let my top drop to my waist, baring my firm, full orbs to his startled eyes.

"Stephanie!" Daddy stammered as he stared, uncertain what to say or where to look.

"There just breasts Daddy," I pooh pawed him, "everybody's got them, I just want to see how the pearls look on me," and then started to twirl the necklace over my chest. "They keep getting stuck on my nipples Daddy," I complained with a little slur, faking a tipsiness that I didn't really feel. "Are they too long Daddy," I asked suddenly, turning to him, squeezing one long, firm nipple between my thumb and finger, presenting a full, firm orb to him.

"They're perfect honey," he answered smiling, clearly now amused at his little daughters show, believing that this was an innocent daughters play and not a dangerous sexual act.

"I had a perfect day Daddy, I love you so much," I finished, yawning as I leaned into his strong, welcoming arms. "I'm so sleepy."

"C'mon Steff, I'll put you to bed," he said gruffly, his love for me so clear. As I fell back on the bed I could see a moments hesitation before his hands moved to my waist and pulled my dress over my hips and down my legs, leaving me naked except for my pearls and silk panties.

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