Dear You Girl

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i dont know where im going 

but im giong somewhere safe

where i can be myself 

not worrying about ur two face

i want to find some one

who wont be worrying 

about holding my hand in public

and screaming to

the world that they love me

i love you girl

but shytes got to change

im tired of hearin about you 

 with some other guy

trying to cover up

who you really are 

you act so differently with them 

then you do with me

do they know that you love flowers

cuz they show how beauty doesnt last forever?

or that you like pokemon

because your older brother 

used to sit down with you

on saturdays eating tuna fish

before he left to military?

do they know that your parents

are getting divorced

because one of them cheated?

i thought

what we had was real

cuz it seemed you Only told me 

the secrets you didnt

want any one else to know

i know i have been

true to you

but you to scared

to come out

and face the fact

what im prepared to give to you

is the real deal

im not afriad to hold your hand

or kiss you on your soft lips

or scream to world

that im lesbian for you 

knowing that my parents

might be homophobes 

on the down low 

but as long as i got you in my arms

i know i can block out 

the chaos that is my world

I know at our school

theres gay bashing

but ill go to jail for you 

if i have to fuck up some btiches

i dont like violence but 

ill beat the shyte out of any 

mother fucker who thinks 

that they can fuck with you 

thats more fucks

that i can deal with