Hedwig and His Socks

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Casey's POV
I put all of my clothes back on very quickly after I stopped crying. Then I heard a knock at the door.
"Casey? Are you ok in there?" Claire asked.
I opened the door and she looked at my tear stained face and then pulled me into a hug that lasted forever.
"I'm so sorry that happened to you." She said softly with tears welling up in her eyes as well. When she first hugged me I wanted to push her away and be angry with her, but I didn't. I just let my emotions out and hugged her back, then Marcia came over and joined in as well. The rest of that long day we didn't see our captor. All three of us talked and we shared made up stories in order to get each other laughing which they did. I never thought I'd say this but I think that I made two of my best friends that night.
I opened my eyes and saw them staring at the door, so I looked over and shot up when I saw our captor sitting in the doorway in what looked like a blue and yellow tracksuit. He was very different than before, smiling at us as if he were a child looking at a birthday present.
"My name's Hedwig, I have red socks." The man said with pride and a slight lisp. I was very confused. What the hell is going on now.
"He's on the move." He said with a creepy smirk.
"What?" I managed to ask, trying not to sound as scared as I actually was.
"He's.....on.....the..mooovvveee." He repeated.
"Who?" Who the hell is coming, as if you're not bad enough, or at least I mean the guy who assaulted me last night was bad enough. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with this guy but I think he must have split personalities. Or something but I'm not a doctor so...
"Someone's coming for you.....and your not gonna like it, and by the way Mr. Dennis says that you're his favorite and he was talking about you all last night." He said pointing at me. So I'm guessing that "Mr. Dennis" was the one from last night. I was thinking about how much I hated him after what he made me do.
"Well I hate him." I said under my breath, not meaning for anyone to hear it but apparently he did.
"You hate Mr. Dennis??? Ooooh I'm going to tell on you!" He yelled before standing up and shutting the door. Great now what was going to happen after I said that. I mean what did this guy really expect me to like him, after everything he had done, hell no!! It had been a few minutes since Hedwig left and we were going out of our minds!
"We have to find a way out what if he comes back and tries to touch one of us like he did to Casey?! Claire cried. She was right we had to try something I just didn't know what.
"Wait isn't this all new drywall??" Marcia asked. Of course it is duh, why didn't I see that.
"Yes it is! That must mean that there was a way out or something! I mean there just has to be!!" I said hopefully.
"Yeah, here let's try knocking on the wall and see if any parts are hollow." Claire said with hope as well.
"Ok." I said as I made my way over to the wall and started to knock on various parts of it. Then Claire's decided to try knocking on the ceiling. She knocked a few times until she came to a hollow part right in the middle of where she was. She grabbed Marcia's shoe and started tearing at the ceiling with it. I ran back over to see if anyone was coming.
             "Oh my God! Casey, look it's really a way out!!" Claire shouted in whispering voice. She was getting pretty close to getting the cover off when I heard something. I turned to look back through the crack in the door and saw him close the door and start slowly walking towards us.
         "He's here! We're not gonna make it!" I whispered to Claire.
        "Yes we are!" Claire said to me. "You can't let him in, you can't, this is our only chance! Just give me as much time as you can and I'll get help!" She said motioning is to the door. Marcia came over and joined me at the door as we both pressed against, trying to keep him out. He was at the door now, and he put his keys in the lock but the door wouldn't budge because of us.
          "Hey what are you guys doin??" Hedwig asked.
          "Give us a second we're changing." Marcia said back to him to hopefully make him stop.
          "What are ya doin? You're gonna get into trouble!" He yelled. "You guys are being bitches now I'm gonna slap you! I'm gonna slap you in your faces!!"  Then suddenly he stopped banging and yelling, so we knew something was wrong. I looked through the crack and saw his whole demeanor change and then he walked away so that I couldn't see him anymore. Claire was almost up the vent but then she slipped. Then we felt the door being pushed on yet again except this time we couldn't stop it. Whoever was pushing on the other side must have been very strong. Just as he came in, Claire went up. He looked at both of us pure anger and then to the vent. This has to be "Mr. Dennis." Then he turned to me.
          "I'll deal with you later." He said sternly. What did I do now?!?

Claire's POV
           I had made my way up in the vents and was crawling through as the panic set in. This man is chasing me and I'm not even sure if I can get out of this thing, I hate small spaces. But I had to put that thought out of my mind. I saw light at the end of the vent and went as fast as I could to it. I hit it twice and it fell to the ground and then I crawled out of the opening and fell to the ground. It hurt but I had more important things to worry about, like where I need to go to get out of here and find help for us. I was running very fast down a narrow hallway in what looked to be a basement with machines and pipes everywhere.
           "Hey!!" I heard him yell which made me panic even more. "Hey!!!" He yelled again. Then I came up to a set of lockers and decided to hide in one, because I was scared to keep running. I was trying not to make a sound, so I covered my mouth. I saw him run past the lockers and I began to feel safe, but when would I know to step out and keep running. As I was in the middle of plan he found me.
            "I thought I lost you." He said with a heavy sigh. "Would you uh...would you step outside please." I tried not to move even though I knew he found me, I was still terrified and didn't want to come out. "You like to make fun of us...but we're more powerful than you think. Step outside...please." I knew I had nowhere to go and I didn't want to make him even more angry so I stepped out of the locker and looked down at the ground not wanting to look him in the eye.
           "You shouldn't trick children, that shows who you are." He said with anger and disappointment in his voice. "Look at your sweater...it's ruined, it's dirty...remove it." He said licking his lips, making me shudder with fear. I slowly nodded and then took it off as a single tear fell. He then stood there staring at my chest and white laced bra.  He started to walk closer to me and there was nowhere for me to run so I just stood there. He reached out and touched my cheek, then my bare shoulder, then he pulled me into a hug. I started to cry softly as I felt his hands trying to unhook my bra, with this I quickly pushed him without even thinking. He had an angry look in his eye, that scared me to no end.
               "I'm trying to be good." He said as he brushed his hand over his bald head. Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hallway to a door and shoved me in causing me to fall. Then he shut it and told me that if I left he would hurt me more than I could even imagine. So I stayed put and heard him come back as he started to use a power drill to screw on a lock I think. After he was done he left and I cried as I heard his footsteps grow farther away and the isolation began to set in.

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