Chapter Two - Part Three

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Harry's POV

You're definitely gonna pull tonight! I thought as I grinned at my wall mirror, straightening up and admiring my suit. It was personally designed by Giorgio Armani, (he's good friends with my mum), and I had to make sure I looked especially good in it since I knew there would be some fit girls at the gala tonight. I fiddled with the watch on my wrist as I walked down the stairs and towards the kitchen to find my mother and father having a conversation.

"What's up?" I questioned, watching my mother as she helped my father put on his cufflinks. "Hello? I'm not talking to myself here,"

"We're running later than usual," my mum huffed, rushing over to me and licking her thumb to wipe something off my face, "the limo isn't here yet, I'm already seeing pictures of all the guests entering the building and we're not in any one of them. Want to know why?"

"Not real-"

"Because we're late," she spat, grabbing her purse and heading towards the door.

"Son, your car will arrive in a bit so you can make your appearance alone without us-" he paused, "messing up your 'bad boy' image," I chuckled incredulously as he gave me a quick dap (A/N- that weird boy handshake thingy) and left the house.

"Ooh Mr Collins it seems someone is in the middle of making their appearance, you must wait until they're done," my driver spoke, beckoning towards the blonde bombshell who posed for the paparazzi. Although I couldn't see her face, she just oozed hotness.

"I'll go in with her, it's fine," I smirked, before getting out of the car and walking towards where she previously stood. She strut into the building and pushed both doors open, unaware that I was following her.

The large oak doors revealed a large ballroom, with chandeliers that shone iridescently and golden tapestries that hung on the walls. The walls were painted a royal blue colour, complimenting the white hydrangeas that sat on every table. Lively chatter filled the air as guests greeted each other and early nighters bid their farewells, although the night had only just pretty much started. The melodious sound of violins and pianos playing became louder the deeper you went into the room.

But everything stopped as soon as the both of us had walked in. There was no more lively chatter or violins, just the sound of sheer disbelief. And in all honesty I thought they were staring at me. Like they normally did to the King of Kingston. But they didn't. They stated at her. And at only that moment did it occur to me take a proper look at her face and realise who she was.

Katie fucking Darlington.

Katie's POV
That's right. Stare at me motherfuckers. Admire how much of a Queen I am. Realise the greatness that stands before you. Me. Katie Darlington.

I won't lie I was nervous. They stared at me for what seemed like years, scouring my face and body as if I was an alien from another planet. I shifted nervously underneath their gaze before clearing my throat, waiting for someone to say something.

"It's Katie Darlington!" an older woman spoke, pointing a finger at me, others nodding in agreement.

"So now we've established that... are we going to party or what?" I smirked before everyone went absolutely mental and the only thing I could remember from that point in time was flashing cameras and screaming.

"Kingston's very own, Katie Darlington," he chuckled as he checked me out, "it's not everyday you get to meet a town legend you know. I'm quite honoured to be in your presence actually,"

He gave me a broad smile and took a sip of his wine.

"Harry..." I urged him to give me his surname.

"Collins," he nodded proudly.

"Yes, I've heard quite a lot about you," I smirked looking over at my best friend Cassandra who kept me up to date with most stuff.

She didn't know about it though. She didn't know why I left. And she never asked. Just like the rest of them. They assumed my family and I wanted a change of scenery and only messaged me when it was convenient to them. They didn't care.

No one did.

"Well obviously, I am the current Head Boy at Hilto-"

"You're the one who got herpes off Fat Susie init?" I gasped, his face turning bright red.

"That was just a rumo-" he was cut off by my obnoxiously loud laughter, multiple guests turning their heads to look over at me. "Katie, you're being terribly loud, you might want to calm down, the guests are getting a bit annoyed," he said through gritted teeth

"Well they can kiss my bloody arse," I mumbled, composing myself and turning to walk towards Cassandra and the rest of The Elite.

"It's so good to have you back Katie," Tyler smirked, snaking an arm around my waist.

Tyler was my ex boyfriend I was forced to date. My mother thought he'd give me more exposure to the entertainment industry. Also because he was the only acceptable candidate.

"It's good seeing you guys again, even though I saw you guys last summer," I smiled, reminiscing on our amazing trip to South Africa, "actually, I didnt see Harry there. Did he even go?"

They all stood there in silence.


"We didn't want you to meet him.. So he wasn't invited," Cassandra said in a small voice, taking a step back.

"And why is that?" I put a hand on my hip and raised a brow, "hello?! I'm talking to you!"

"Because he's Head Boy. He's practically the King of Kingston and you've lost your throne," Mikayla breathed, fiddling with her dress as she looked everywhere but at me.

"And you guys really thought I would freak about because I used to be 'Queen'?" I frowned, "well I'm not freaking out,"

"Phew," Tyler joked, laughing nervously for a while then stopping when he saw my deadly expression.

I glared daggers at Harry's back, a dirty look plastered on my face as he spoke to my parents. I raised my glass of wine and urged the others to do the same.

"Long live the king,"

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