Lazy Day

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(Kayla's POV)

I wake up around 8:30 and turn over to see Niall fast asleep. I kiss his nose and get out of bed. I walk out of the room with Niall's shirt still on and decide to go make some coffee. I walk into the kitchen and spot a black coffee maker in one of the corners. So I walk over to it and make myself a cup.

I grab the coffee mug in my hands; feeling the warmth. I start to wander around the house. I have been in this house three times now and have only been in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. I walk around the corner of the kitchen and see a nice sized living room. The walls are a warm brown with a flat screen tv and pictures all over the walls. One of them across the room catches my eye. I walk over to it and see that it is a picture of Niall and a smiling baby boy. From what I have seen online the baby is Theo. Niall is holding him in his arms, Theo wearing a "I got my good looks from my uncle" shirt and a pair of little shorts with black tiny nikes. I look over at Niall who is wearing a shirt that says "Hello ladies, I'm the uncle", a pair of shorts and the same pair of black nikes...obviously a bigger pair. I giggle quietly and look at the picture next to it. It is a recent picture of him with some blonde chick. Who's this? I look more closely and see that his hand is very close to her ass.

"What are you looking at?" Niall says from behind me. I jump as his loud Irish accent fills the room.

"N-Nothing...I-I'm just looking at the pictures. Why?" I asked a little scared but I don't know why.

He steps closer to the picture of him and the blonde chick. He sighs "Kayla listen, it looks bad...but it isn't."

"Why are you almost grabbing her ass?" I ask my voice getting worried.

"Ok, I was drunk and this is my third cousin. Even ask Liam! He took the picture...when we were like 18 we used to be drinking buddies. Well, when I turned 20 my mom and dad flew her out, and she come to my party. We were both blasted and were just messing around. So K-" I cut him off by connecting his lips with mine. At first he's shocked but he soon kisses back.

I pull away. "Niall, I believe you. That picture does look a little weird, but I completely trust you. I love you Niall." He smiles and kisses my cheek. 

"Thanks. I cant lose you, I'm actually happy with you." I smile and nod.

"I have today off you know. How about we watch movies on that big ass tv hanging on the wall?" I smile and point to the flat screen. 

He laughs and nods. We start making popcorn and pick out the movie "Grease" to watch first. We cuddle into each other and stay like that all day.

(Olivia's POV)

'1,2,3'  I say in my head as I try to move Louis' hands away from me so I can get up. I try and I'm unsuccessful. I actually end up waking him up in the process.

"Babe, what are you doing?" Louis asks while laughing. 

"I was trying to get out of bed, but your grip is too tight." Louis lets go of my waist and turns to look at the clock, which reads 9:30.

"What do you want to do today babe? Lazy day?" 

I shrug and look out the window. I see a pool in the back yard. "I know! We can swim!" 

 "Ok! Do you have a swim suit?" 

I get up and head to my over night bag. I dig around and find my black swim suit that has a maroon colored bow on each hip. "Found it! I will go change and will meet you outside, OK?" He nods and I go to the bathroom to change.

I put on my bikini and look at myself in the mirror. Then look at my hair and see it's a rats nest. I brush through it and put it into a messy bun. Much better! I walk downstairs and outside.

When I get there my jaw drops. Louis looks so good! His chest, his mu- I am cut off by a mans voice.

 "Olivia! Babe? Olivia!" I shake away from my thoughts and see Louis smirk at me. 

"Like what you see?" I blush and nod. 

He walks closer to me and whispers in my ear, "I like what I see as well," and kisses me forcefully. I kiss back and we make out for a few minutes. He pulls away and pushes me into the pool.

"Ahh! Louis!" I scream as I fall under water. When I get up he's in the water now. "Pain in the ass." I say as I splash him with water. "This means war Tomlinson!"

(Kaleigh's POV)

I'm woken up by Harry, who is planting small kisses on my neck. "Good morning babe." 

"Good morning Harry." He kisses my lips.

"What should we do today?" I ask

"I'm not sure, what do you want to do?"

I think for a few minutes, "I know, we can bake cupcakes!" 

Harry laughs, "OK. I have all the stuff down stairs, lets go."

I get up and run downstairs excited as Harry follows after me. I get a cook book down off his shelf and select strawberry cupcakes. "OK Harry, we need: Sugar, Flo-" I'm cutt off by flour being thrown at my face. 

"Your going to get it now Styles!" I dip a spoon in icing and begin to chase him around the house.

I catch up to him and swat his ass with the icing filled spoon. He turns around and grabs my waist, pulling us close. "Your being a bad girl." He whispers into my ear. I smile and take icing off the spoon and put it on his nose. "I know." I say while running away.

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