I am alive and well

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I have been spending extra time with my friend and she is feeling amazing!

I decided that I would start the new oneshot I was planning called 24 Hours.

I made this chapter to ask all of you lovely readers who it should be about! 

So basically a poll.

And I published a teaser!

So check it out!!

Back to the poll...

24 Hours should be a one shot about...

... Jeon Jungkook!

... Kim Taehyung

... Park Jimin

... Jung Hoseok

... Kim Namjoon

... Min Yoongi

... Kim Seokjin

... A selection (where it has one version for each...)

So comment what you want and I will count the votes next weekend!! 

Also, I have a rugby tournament on Thursday so wish me luck!!
((I'm not an experienced rugby player 😂))


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