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[Whatta Man]
~> Username:

~>Face claim: (Ulzzangs are allowed)
~>Age: (16-25)

[Dream Girls]
~>Blood Type:

~>Backup group:
~>Stage Name:
~>Self Introduction
~>Languages: Max 4
~>Likes: Max 7
~>Dislikes: Max 7

[Extra Extra]
~>Pre-debut activities:
~>Why you joined:
~>How you became a trainee:
~>Trainee years:
~>Talent skill 1-10 for Rap, Vocal, Dance,

[Pick me]
~>Audition link: ( It can be any talent ex. Karate, Dance, Vocal, etc. This gives the voters a chance to see what you can do)
Just one link
~>Suggested scenes:
~>Message to trainees:
~>Message to me:
~>Message to viewers:

Also pls don't make your person perfect there just trainees
Pls PM me the forms

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