Chapter 1

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It was night time. The full moon shining bright and no one on the road. I was walking home from buying grocery and humming to a song playing through my earphones. I was wearing a cap and sweatpants. A t-shirt with a jacket and some tennis shoes.

I heard a scream and stop in my tracks. I took one of the earbuds out and look around to see no one. My music could be heard in the silent.

"Probably just my imagination."

I was gonna put it back in my ear but then heard footsteps behind me. Really fast ones too. I turn to see a little toddler running towards me. She finally collided with me and I balance myself from falling.

Why is she alone?! Where the hell are her parents?

"Hey shouldn't you-"

"Help me please."

She hug my waist and I saw her eyes a color that humans don't have. Also not colored contact lenses since I can tell if they are or not.

Why did I encounter a vampire child?

"Um look I promise myself I wouldn't get involve in another-"

"Princess where are you?"

Great it's a vampire princess. I really shouldn't get involve.

Two people came closer and the little girl hid behind my legs.

Why me? Besides isn't she trusting me too much. I could be apart of their group.

"Give us the princess if you want your life."

She hug my leg tighter. I sigh and was annoyed.

"Look if you want her you can have her."

She made her nails longer and pierce through my skin.

"But you will go through me first."

I smirk with my mouth slightly open and glare at them and they shook in fear.

I was back to my house and put the grocery away.

"Hey lady what's your name?"

"It's none of your business and its unnie to you. Now what do we do since they'll come back for you. And seeing how you were almost kidnap means being home isn't safe."

"Then can I stay with you?"

I shrug making her hug me tightly.

"So what's your name unnie?"

I ruffle her hair and smile.


Jungkook POV

My daughter! Where is she? Once I get my hands on the people who took her they are dead.

My wife came in making me piss.

Why did I marry her? Oh yeah because it was an arrange married!

"We can make another one if you want. It's not the end of world."

I glare at her making her flinch.

"I will find Eunha! You will stay out of my way."

I left and started my search for her.

Flame POV

I woke up to someone bouncing on me and I see the little girl I saved.

"Flame unnie lets play."

"No. Now let me sleep."

"Aw I want to play."

I groan and the doorbell rang. She got up and ran to the door making run after her. She open the door already but I relax. She ran behind my legs.

"Why are you guys here? Taemin, Key, Minho, Onew, Jonghyun."

They wave and she peek through my legs waving.

"You have a kid."

"No you idiot. I saved her from kidnappers."

They look at me and doubt me but knew it was true because they would have known if I was pregnant.

My name is Flame and I'm 20 years old. My friends is the Kpop group Shinee but they aren't what people see them as. They aren't human well they are vampires. I go to college with them. But it is for supernaturals. As for me I make myself seem human since it's easier for me not to get involve in too many things. You'll find out what I am later in the story.

But they are really noisy, and irritating since I'm not a morning person.

"So got anything to eat."

"Unnie who is this?"

"These are my friends. They can introduce themselves to you. Now let me go back to sleep."

I was gonna leave but pulled by the collar onto the couch. I look to see Taemin who did it.

"You are not gonna go back to sleep now explain why is the vampire princess here?"

I explain and she got on my lap playing with my hair.

"We're gonna get in trouble if you don't give her back."

Minho said and I shrug my shoulders showing I don't care.

"Look I'm the one who's gonna take care of her. Besides from the way they look, there are more and if she almost got kidnap means her home isn't safe. The security was destroyed or someone from the inside is the one who took her to those guys. Also what's her name?"

She jump up and said her name in excitement.

"Eunha. Jeon Eunha."

I pat her head. They stare at me and I roll my eyes at them.

"Fine but we will not get involve. The king will kill us if he found out we knew and didn't return her."

"Yeah but he doesn't know me so bye."

I was gonna push them out but they held their grounds.

"We're gonna stay for the whole day to make sure you don't do something stupid."

I gave them a look then sigh.

"Fine but don't eat all of my food."

Jungkook POV

I called my hyungs to help and Exo who are werewolves and can help us. We look throughout the vampire population and the werwolves. Knowing only those two species would come after her.

I was flying around to see if I can spot anything unusual.

My phone started ringing and I picked it up.


"Baby just come home we can make another child it isn't like she is that important."

I hung up and went back to looking. I sigh when I can't find her. I went back home.

2 weeks later

Still nothing and I'm getting scare if she is dead or not. My phone rang and I picked up immediately.


"It's Suho. We found your daughter and I don't think you'll like what you hear."

"Just tell me."

"She's with a human girl and along with 5 other vampires."

I widen my eyes and stop somewhere.

"Give me the address. I'm gonna go alone."

"But we can help-"

"No don't but thank you for helping."

"If you aren't back with her in two days we are coming, deal?"


I hung up and saw he texted the address. I smirk and flew straight there.

Someone is going to be my dinner tonight.

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