|Alec Hardy| "Guilty..."

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"Where are my bloody papers!" The thick Scottish accent yelled out

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"Where are my bloody papers!" The thick Scottish accent yelled out.

A young H/C female rolled her eyes. She stood over her desk, her hands leaning on it. She skimmed through a set of papers which were neatly stacked up.

"Alec, they're here." She grabbed the files in her small hands and briskly walked over to the bearded man. He looked at her and snatched the papers from her, before walking back to his office, most likely to be alone again. The girl cleared her throat and walked towards her desk once more; she sat down, straight in her chair. She picked up a few papers at a time, looking through each fact file. Her feet made their way on top of the desk as she continued to look through the papers making slight adjustments here and there. Alec stormed back in, his usual grumpy tone ringing out loudly through the room.

"Miller! L/N! Come on." 

The female rolled her eyes and got up from her desk grabbing her coat in the process, she looked towards Ellie and sighed.

"Here we go again..."

"You're not enjoying your job?"

"No I love my job, it's just grumpy old git over here makes the job less enjoyable..."

"What did you say L/N."

"Nothing Alec..." She muttered.

Y/N was married. However the marriage had begun to deteriorate, her husband was a suspect in a killing, of their son. Even though the pair were married, Y/N still felt like he was capable of killing their son. Her husband's mind was twisted in more ways than one. He was dangerous.

The group's footsteps could be heard, as they walked to where Y/N and her husband Max lived. Y/N turned the key in the door and walked in, beckoning the others in.

"Y/N are you sure you want to do the questioning I understand that this may be sensitive-"

"I'll be fine... It's my job Ellie, but thank you for your concern."

She walked through the halls, coming to a clearing in their living room. The walls were painted white with elegant black borders, photo frames hung around with her husband and her at their wedding, first dates, having their child, and watching him grow up.

"Max?" She called around, he descended the stairs and walked in. Stopping once he saw the other investigators.

"Y/N love what's the meaning of this?"

The female showed her badge. "I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Nathaniel L/N.... Anything you may say or do may be used as evidence against you in a court of law. You will be taken for questioning..." She took her husband by his arm, trying to show no emotion, she walked to the car and put him inside.

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