Dating the Son of Zeus *28*

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I looked down at her as I held her in my arms. She looked so frail and weak. It was heartbreaking to see her like this. She did this for me, but what I couldn’t make her see was that she didn’t have to. Tears were clouding my vision and I blinked quickly to try and remove them, but new ones took their place. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my friends run into the room. They stopped when they saw me cradling Sophia in my arms.

“I love you Hercules,” she whispered. A small smile was on her lips as she spoke.

I watched as she slowly closed her eyes, drawing in one last breath before she fell silent. I held my breath waiting for her to open her eyes again, to look at me with her beautiful blue eyes, but there was nothing.

“Sophia?” I asked. Nothing. “Sophia!” I yelled, gently shaking her.

She did nothing. She simply lay in my arms, silent and unmoving. My tears poured down my face like a dam breaking free. She was gone. Gone. That one haunting word echoed through my mind. The most important thing in my life was gone, forever. Clutching her close to me I sobbed.

“No, no, no, no! Please!” I begged. “Come back. Sophia please, come back.”

My beautiful Sophia was gone, because of me. She did this for me. Why? I would have been fine; I could have saved us both. She had said she couldn’t have lived in a world without me but did she really think I would survive without her. She had unlocked something inside me, a part of me that I had never realized I was even missing until I saw her. She made life worth living. I hadn’t even realized my life was purposeless without her. But now she was gone and she had taken with it the best part of me.

I buried my head in the crook of her neck, slowly rocking us back and forth. She couldn’t be gone, she just couldn’t. She had to wake up; she had to come back to me. Thoughts ran through my mind, memories of us together. I could see everything, from the first time I saw her to the last time she said she loved me. I thought of everything I was losing. Waking up to her in my oversized clothes while she made breakfast. Gone. Hearing her melodious laugh. Gone. The butterflies I felt every time I kissed her. Gone. Looking into her sapphire blue eyes. Gone. It was all gone and I would never be whole again, not without her.

I’m not sure how long I sat there clutching her lifeless body, sobbing. It could have been moments, it could have been years. It felt like years. Every second that ticked by without her felt like an eternity. She was gone.

“Hercules,” I heard someone whisper behind me. A soft hand lay on my shoulder. Looking up quickly I saw Penelope. Tears were streaking down her face as well. I turned back to look at Sophia. “Hercules, I’m so sorry she’s go—“

“NO!” I shouted. “Don’t say it! She’s not; she’s going to be fine.” I went into denial. She would be fine, she had to be. But deep down I knew she wouldn’t. I knew she wasn’t ever coming back.

“Hercules,” Penelope pleaded. I only shook my head.

“No, she’s going to wake up.”

A vicious laughter cut through the air. It made my blood boil. “You know cousin, I hate to tell you this but you look rather pathetic,” Hector said.

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