A/N + 8k!

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Apparently I posted 5 memes instead of 6 earlier and I just looked back at it and I was like OH SUNAP...that's 5. So I made another one. 😂 But anyways. THANKS FOR 8K VIEWS AND 1K+ VOTES😄❤️ It's probably gonna start to get annoying if everytime I post I have an authors note right after with another OMG THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER 1K like that's annoying and little cocky to be honest and I ain't about det lyfe😎 but yeah. I appreciate it, I swear but I'm just not gonna keep posting it, probably every 3k.

Omg and I'm placed, what the hell. I'm #675 in Random! Holy crap, oh me lordy lorde lord. This is crazy this awesome, what?😂 Thank you so much AGAIN!

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