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Hunter was still awake when she heard the noises coming from the other side of the door. It had to be around 3 in the morning, which meant that she'd been lying awake for about an hour now. She simply couldn't sleep and it was because of Bam. He reminded her of how butterflies felt like and they kept her awake..

Right now she wouldn't want anything more for him to lay next to her, but she didn't want to rush into things again. The bed was way too small anyways, it was a guest bedroom after all, so instead, Bam was crashing on the couch for the night.

Well, that was what Hunter thought, but she kept getting more suspicious about the noises on the other side of the door.

She held the sheets tight, covering half of her face with it. Could it be a burglar? Or perhaps a murderer? Maybe it was even worse than that, maybe it could've been Liam.

Then she heard a faint knock on her door. It sounded hesitant, almost as if whatever was on the other side was afraid.

"Ryan?" Hunter whispered. She could hear the door to the room open and close right after.

Hunter sat straight up in her bed, she was trying to see who or what it was, but it was far too dark for her to see anything.

"I didn't expect you to be awake anymore.." his voice spoke, Bam's voice.

Hunter let out a small sigh of relief and searched for the light on her bedside table. She squinted her eyes at the bright light but it didn't take too long for them to adjust.

"Can't sleep.." she replied, a little surprised by how groggy her voice already sounded.

Bam let out a low chuckle as he sat down on the uncomfortable chair at the end of her bed, "me neither.."

Hunter couldn't see his face very clear but she knew he was wearing a permanent grin.

"Is that why you're here?"

Bam shook his head, "no," he paused for a second, "well, technically yes."

Hunter raised her brows confused as she brushed some strands of hair out of her face. She must've looked like a complete mess.

"I thought maybe we could do something.." Bam trailed off.

Hunter shifted uncomfortably, her mind immediately started thinking of things that made her cheeks heat up.

"Like what?" she questioned after she realized she had been staring into space for a little too long.

"I want to take you somewhere.."

Hunter tilted her head to the side and looked at the alarm clock on her left, "at 3.30 in the morning?"

Bam let out another low chuckle and stood up from his seat, "it's the perfect time, trust me."

Hunter bit down on her lip for a second, "what about Ryan? How long will we be gone?"

"Not for long.. We'll be back before he wakes up," Bam said.

Hunter remained silent for a while, thinking about what could possibly be so important that Bam wanted to show her at this time.

"I promise it'll be fun," Bam said, snapping Hunter out of her thoughts.

Hunter looked back at Bam, "fine," she said, "but I'm only doing it because it's you.. My bed is pretty comfy you know.."

Bam let out a breathy laugh and walked closer to her. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up with force, making her body almost collide with his. They were so close their noses were touching.

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